Written by Mikehock_1

22 Jan 2009

It was 2am one fiday night and i was starting to flag after pint after pint. I told a friend that i was going to the toilet but sneeked through the front door of the night club. I ran across the road waving down the first taxi that i saw. Can you take "me" please mate i said almost falling into the back of his car. Said the actress to the bishop ,he said!. "Where you going" he said!. Balton , i said! That,ll be about £25. He was quite an up front abrupt type of guy, look at the arse on that he said driving slowly past the que,s in the town then speeding up off into the country, a little small talk then i asked if he would stop so i can have a piss. He pulled over and i said thanks! I wont be long! About three inches long he shouted up laughing. The funny thing is that he was trying to prove his point craning his neck trying to see. I got back in and he said, not a bad guess hey! I suddenly became overcome with a strong feeling of submisiveness and he knew it. He drove a little further up the road and then pulled over for a cigarette, "would you like one " he asked . No thank you i said.You,ve got nice manners young man, thank you i said. He got out and lit up.He slowly walked around the car until he stopped at my window, with his tab in his mouth he unzipped his fly, he rolled out his cock which must have been 9 thick inches. Are you staring at this he said shaking it in his hand , sorry! He slowly opened my door and climbed in beside me by which time i had slobber down my chin. My cock was struggling against my trousers and he saw it and laughed. Kiss my cock he said kiss it passionately now. I dived at "the cock" kissing, licking, nibbling the big veiny monster telling it that i loved it. He was laughing at me demanding that i put it into my mouth and suck nice he said you dirty little man. I will try my best for you, thank you! i said.I sucked and licked and sucked some more until my jaw was acheing, then i felt it twitch and he thrust more into my face and exploded into my mouth demanding that i swallow, swallow he wispered as he softly stroked the back of my head swallow thats a good boy. I said thankyou as he dropped me off laughing at me with his spunk all down my chin. He shouted BI for now. I always look out for him but cannot see him..