Written by Darhon

6 Aug 2012

Some time ago I did a photo shoot with a couple from this site (Alan and Tina) who I had a wonderfull night with and wrote a story about that night.

The story has had lots of views and a few comments.

I got a message regarding the story from a localish guy called Dave, He was bi and late 40's average build and about 6ft and wanted me to take pics of him naked and so on.

We met for a drink to make sure we were both on the same lines and that all was agreed.

We decided to go to my flat for the photo's, I set the camera up and took a few snaps in different styles to gauge what he was looking for, good ol black and white was chosen.

I snapped as he undressed down to his boxxer shorts I could see a great bulge tight in his shorts.

I passed my laptop to him with other pics that I had of my expirences to give him something to look at. As he flicked through the pics his cock was growing in his shorts. I told him to remove them he did and I could See his wonderfull cock. A good 8" and nIce girth. He also had a cock ring on which made his cock look tight and veiny.

He wanked him self for a while and then got a dildo from his bag and lubed it up, it was the weighted type that sits of the floor allowing you to straddle and fuck, he straddled it and rested his arse on the tip. I laid down on the floor to get a better view and snapped away as he started to ride the dildo.

He was riding and wanking for a while as he got ready to come I snapped away as he came, spurts of cum shot out of his cock as he milked each last drop out. He looked hot and flushed and happy.

He asked me what the pics looked like so I uploaded the to the laptop for him. He was really happy and asked what I thought, I told him that they were great and that I was rock hard taking them. I said he cock was the biggest I had seen in person.

He smiled and then Reached for my cock! I wasnt expecting anything in return for the pics but he said he was horny again after seeing his own pics.

I took off my top and took of my jeans my cock was hard already in my short, he reached in and took it out. He licked the head and started to suck my cock, I grabbed the camera and shot away as he sucked my cock and cupped my balls. It was great and he sucked harder when he saw the camera as if it was turning him on more having his pic taken with my dick in his mouth.

I asked if he had ever fucked or been fucked by a guy, he said he hadn't and that he only see the dildo. I said I have some condoms and that if he wanted he could fuck me. He was up for it straight away. I removed my shorts and went to the bed.

I got on the bed and laid on my back stroking my cock, Dave slid on a condom and then lubed up his shaft, i took the lube and lubed up my hole ready for him. He lifted my legs up in the air and placed the tip of his cock at my entrance. I started to take pics of him between my legs, he started gently and gave me time to relax my arse to accommodate his size, he was the biggest to date and a little painfully to start but I soon got used to it. He was getting faster and I asked him to go deeper, he raised my legs more towards my body and started thrusting deeper. I was loving it and started to jerk my self off. I could feel Dave''s head growing and I knew he was ready to cum. I wanked harder and was getting close when Dave gripped my legs and with a last deep hard thrust came! He smiled and looked at me told me to stop wanking as he wanted me to fuck him.

I grabbed a condom and slid it on Dave took offhis condom and used his spunk to lube himself he told me he wantedto ride me like he does his dildo, this was ideal as it me t I could get better pics.

He straddled me and lowered himself onto my cock with out hesitation he went straight down on my shaft in 1 motion, It felt amazing and perfect, not too tight or too loose. He started to ride me in the reverse cow'boy' position. We did this for about 5 mins and I then said I wanted to do him the same way he did me so I could get pics of my dick in him whilst he jerked off.

He laid on his back, spread his legs and I entered him, I fucked him hard fast and deep as he stroked his now semi rIsen cock. I told him I was close and I raise his legs right up as I fucked him deep in his arse my balls slapping his arse I came amazingly and almost fell over. It was 1 of the best fucks I've had.

We cleaned up and I let Dave have a shower. I transferred all the pics to his memory card for him. He said I could keep all the pics but blur the 1's that showed his face. I obviously agreed blurred them and saved so he could see.

We agreed that when ever I'm back from work (i work away alot now) to let him know so we can meet up.

All my stories are true and if you want me to take pics or join me let me know