Written by sliderNW

9 Aug 2008

I've just got back from a meet with a local guy who I found on another site.

I'm a mature bi male, married, so I don't have much opportunity to meet guys except the odd saturday when she goes shopping. Today was such a day and I arranged to visit Peter. He's gay, similar age to myself and unattached.

I arrived and after offering me a coffee he asked if we should go upstairs to bed. we both stripped off and I gasped when I saw the size of his cock. I love to be fucked you see and I thought I would never get this monster in. It must have been 9 inches and very thick with it.

Peter was very tactile and liked to kiss. Whilst I don't usually kiss it seemed right on this occasion and very erotic. We wanked and sucked each other, me gagging when trying to get his massive cock in my mouth. I was however desperate to try it inside me.

Peter was very gentle and spent some time fingering me and opening my tight hole ready for his big thick cock. He used lots and lots of lube and with me lying on my side with him behind me, started to push his great weapon into my tight but eager hole. It hurt like hell at first but with a bit of adjustment to our positions he managed to get past my tight ring and he had the whole thing up me.

We waited and Peter made just gentle movements until I had become used to his size stretching me more than I have ever been before. Once I was ready he started to thrust harder and harder, I was in heaven, it felt fantastic and soon I was backing in to him meeting his urgent thrusts.

We changed positions a few times with me flat on my tummy and him on top pounding into me, Then doggy position and finally on my back with my legs over his shoulders and he gave me a real hammering.

We finished off with me wanking over his chest and he wanked himself to completion seemingly producing gallons of spunk which I rubbed into his stomach and chest together with mine.

What a great way to spend a wet saturday morning.