Written by jaye

29 Jan 2013

My husband watched as Luke put his hands on my hips and gently pulled me towards him.His mouth pressed against mine and his tongue pushed its way inside, his hands started to explore my body through my skin-tight top and skirt. My arms were up round his neck, I reached up a hand to touch his thick, tightly curled black hair. As he pressed against me I could feel, through his jeans, a large hard bulge against my thigh. After a long gentle kiss Luke lifted my top over my head then pulled down my skirt so that I stood in front of him and my husband Mick in my skimpy black underwear, stay-ups and my high, black heels. I caught Mick's eye as I placed my hand on the bulge in Luke's jeans, I knew he was struggling hard to keep his own hands off me. Luke helped me to take off his clothes - as I peeled down his boxers I smiled accross at Mick. It is true what they say about black guys! Luke's cock was huge and hard, I enjoyed the sight as he reached behind me and undid my bra, then ran his hands gently over my hard nipples. When his hand worked its way down between my legs to my thong I knew it was soaking wet. "I want to see you suck him", said Mick and I sat on the end of the bed taking Luke's huge black cock into my mouth. Mick's eyes looked ready to pop out of his head as he watched my mouth spread wide, my lips sliding over the giant cock. Luke pushed me backwards on to the bed then slid off my thong, he bent over my soaking pussy and I felt his tongue softly licking my clit, when he slipped two long fingers inside me I knew I was just about ready to come."Do you want him to fuck you?" asked Mick and I nodded eagerly. Luke had a condom ready and he eased it on before turning me over and entering me from behind. I felt his huge cock filling me up and I came almost straight away as I felt him slowly sliding in and out. He turned me back over to face him entering me again and fucking harder, suddenly he groaned staring into my eyes he came inside me.