Written by BONNY

14 Aug 2009

final part

After a very hot horny erotic fucking he lay on the bed and needed fed this time a lovely sticky choccie eclair oozing cream mmmmm,i slowly teased him with it touching his lips those lips that had a few mins before had been sucking my clit.

I teased him letting him taste the sweetness of the cream he then licked the cream off my breasts sucking my hard nipples he was begining 2 stir again mmmmmm.

I couldnt wait to feel his hard cock pounding my wet tight pussy,he sat on the chair and i dropped to my knees.I began licking and sucking his balls then his cock taking it deep in my mouth i was aching to taste his pre cum.

It had the desired effect he was soon slipping deep inside me he then pushed my legs up and over my head leaving my pussy to his mercy i was so wet now .

After yet another fantastic fucking he decided to finish me off with a finger fuck four to be precise he weny so deep inside my well fucked pussy i couldnt get enough i was a very horny naughty little devil lol

Afterwards we showered and got dressed,left the room quite cool and respectible on the outside horny as hell on the inside,only way to be .

Cant wait to do it all again and so much more.x