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We had met Brad and introduced him to a dildo. Some men will do anything for pussy. We wondered if Brad would. That is why we invited him to meet us again. We invited Simon because he is a switch and a very talented man.

We arranged to meet Brad in a bar, he turned up on time.

"Brad this is Simon, he is going to share us with you." Emily greated him.


"You're not going to settle for one, when you can have both?" Simon commented. 

"I guess not."

Simon turned to me and grabbed my breast.

"Can't you wait?" I kissed him and forced my hand between his legs.

"I can, but why should I."

"Well you're not fucking me here, let go of my tit."

Brad was looking.

"We are thirsty." 

Brad rushed to get drinks.

"He wants to get at us again." I commented.

"Nice ass." Simon committed as Brad walked away.

"Go help him." I instructed.

"You have got bossy since you moved out." Simon replied as he left.

"We have got to get Simon in Brad." Emily offered.

"I just want them both in me."

"...and me." Emily kissed me.

"Oooo cocktails." I uttered as Simon and Brad returned.

I stirred the drink with a cherry on the end of a cocktail stick and sucked it off the stick as seductively as possible.

"Who wants my cherry?" I asked.

It was Brad who answered. "I do."

"...and mine I hope." Emily interjected.

"If Brad doesn't, I do." Simon assured us both. "Not just you."

"I know what you want, and I'm sure you will get it." I informed Simon.

"Do you want another cocktail, or would you like to forget about the tail?" Simon asked.

"Another drink then you can have our tails." I informed Simon.

"Just your tails?" He asked, taking a big swig of his drink.

I dropped my voice. "You can both have our cunts."

"That's worth another drink." Emily confirmed feeling Brad's legs.

Brad was keeping silent. I imagined just hoping  and not wanting to say anything to spoil his chances.

"I'll get the drinks." Brad rushed off.

The door shut. Emily kissed Brad and felt his  cock. We had two big beds. Simon started to strip and tossed a pack of condoms on the bed.

"You're not using them are you? After the number of times you have fucked me without them." I objected.

"You were on the pill then." Simon retorted.

"You're not on the pill?" Brad asked, concerned.

"Is that a problem Brad?"

"If it's not for you."

"Last time you said you would take a cock in your ass." Emily reminded Brad, rubbing his exposed cock.

Brad made a non committal sound.

"Fuck me Brad." I instructed, giving him an out.

I pulled my dress off and lay on the bed with my legs wide open. Brad took advantage.

"Guess you're fucking me Simon." Emily knelt on the side of the bed and supported herself with her elbows.

Simon stood behind her and began to bang away. Brad did not engage in any foreplay but I had been thinking about these two men in me and Emily. I felt Brad jet into me.

"Keep going baby just a bit longer." I begged.

He did, and he did not stop. He jetted into me again after I came.

Simon was standing back with a glistening cock. Brad was kneeling between my legs, he was still hard. I knelt close to him and pulled him to me.

"You have just fucked Simon's girlfriend." I told him. I had moved out a few months before but it was kind of true still.

Brad looked over at Simon who told Brad. "She's a lovely fuck ain't she."

"You fucked Simon's bitch…" I used the word without choosing it, it just came out and Simon smiled widely.  " you have to do something for Simon."

Brad responded quickly. "What." If he  was apprehensive, his voice did not give it away. 

"Fuck Simon's ass." I was still holding on to Brad. He did not answer. 

"Then you can have me. You can have me anyway you like." Emily declared. 

That tipped the scales. "OK."

Simon took hold of Brad's cock. "That's a nice big one." He told Brad. It was like Simon's, just average, but a compliment can make all the difference. 

I let go of Brad. Emily had fetched lube and squeezed lube into Simon's hand. He started to spread it over Brad's cock. He froze as Simon ran his hand up and down. 

"Think of my ass when you fuck him." Emily comforted Brad. 

"Turn around." Brad instructed Simon. 

Simon turned and took Brad's cock. Brad fucked away at him.

"That is good." Simon assured Brad.

It did not last long and he left Simon deflated. 

"You'll have to fuck me again you are good at it." 

"My turn Simon." I asked. "...and I don't want it in my ass."

Simon reached for condoms. 

"You fucked Emily without."

"She's on the pill."

"No she's not and by the time Brad has sloppy seconds I'll have your seed in me. Cum on I want your knacked cock."

"You don't have to worry we are not asking you for maintenance." Emily said supporting me.

Simon dropped the condom and I felt his cock slip into my full and stretched cunt."

"I love your cock." I told him.

"You love fucking." He reminded me.

That was enough to harden Brad, who took Emily on the other bed. 

I came twice to Simon. 

As he left me I teased him. "Thank you daddy."

"The way you have been going you will have no idea who is daddy." Simon was right. Several men had fucked me since I came off the pill, most I forgot their names. 

They were both deflated again. 

"How about wine?"

"Did you enjoy fucking Simon?" I asked.

"It was OK." Brad answered.

"I love cock up my ass." Emily commented. 

"There's nothing like it." Simon continued.

"I know where this is going." Brad admitted. 

"You fucked me and my woman."

"..and me." Emily expanded.

"You owe it to yourself to experience everything." I encouraged Brad.

"Where is the lube." He asked rettersently. 

Simon was careful, giving his ass time to adjust. Emily and I played with Brad's cock and balls as Simon took him on all fours.

Brad spurted. I do not know if that was because Simon was in his ass or us gliding over his cock and balls with lubricated hands. When Simon left him he fell flat on the bed.

"O God."

"O God, good?" Emily asked assertively. 

"Yes" that seemed to be all Brad could manage. 

That night Emily and I took one bed and we did hear something going on in the other bed.

Written by Jane

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