Written by Bobnmags

10 Jun 2009

We were browsing through the swinging sites we look at one night as we do a couple of nights a week. We,d only ever been as far as having sex on cam before because being a bit of an exhabitionist I get off on that and we would also chat in chat rooms and watch men and women wanking and fucking but it had all got a bit boring. We,d never had a meet before and had discussed at length the idea which would turn us on and end up in me getting licked and fucked senceless so being one horny sex mad bitch I would often start a coversation on this knowing my tits and fanny would get the attention they wanted. One a night a women left us a message after seeing our profile and pics and siad she would love to meet us in a car park where she would sit in her car fingering and pleasuring herself with a clit vibrator. We liked the idea of this so took the plunge and arranged a meet. The next day we met up with her but just had a coffee and talked about her joining us at our place the following Saturday. That was last Saturday and it was lovely and sunny so I dressed in a little classy tan dress with sexy matching bra and knickers. I felt sexy and Bob couldnt hide his swollen cock bulging in his jeans. I was so moist and I wanted Bob to fuck me there and then at the thought of what we would be doing with this other woman shortly. We took a deep breath and walked to the nearby bar and sat down outside in the sun with a drink. We were both talking and smiling wondering what the people who were sat near us would think. My phone rang and it was Sue our meet. She was in the cr park waiting. I walked over to meet her and she smiled at me knowingly. We gave each other a short gentle kiss and wallked over to Bob waiting eyeing us both up lustily and she gave him a kiss. We went through the rigmarole of small talk and I thought fuck this and asked her what turned her on. She told us she was a solicitor and would often finger herself in her office as she loves to play with herself with the risk of getting seen. She made it quite clear she was very bi and wanted me badly. She kept brushing her leg on mine with hers and her hand would gently caressed it. I told her it was Bobs fantasy ( which was hopefully about to come true) to see me being kissed sucked and licked by another woman. Her eyes lit up and she looked at us both with lust in her eyes and said she was wet. That morning Bob and myself had gone to an adult shop tto buy a strap on which I told her and she said lets go back to yours. I said Bob was just happy to watch and wank but she said he could fuck her also if he wanted to. That made me even wetter the thought of his hard cock fuckking her fanny with me watching. We got into our place and she just grabbed me and kissed me pushing her tounge into my mouth. It was a bit of a suprise at her hunger for me as she looked so prim and proper but I was glad it wasnt going to be awkward. Bob was lapping it up. I said I wont be a minute and went into the bedroom and slipped my dress off. I changed my damp underwear and put on a black lacy bra and knickers, stockings and suspenders and glanced at my sexy body in the mirrored wardrobe, took a deep breath and walked into the loounge. I was a little surprised at the fact that Bob and Sue were both just sat comfortably waiting for me. It would have been nice to see them playing, but that was all about to change. Sue stood up and walked over to me and just pullued her top over her head and throwing it to the floor. She was showing just bare breasts which were nice and and rounded. We kissed and I said lets go to the bedroom. Bob and Sue followed and I lay on the bed and spread my legs inviting them both to my tanned body.Sue pulled my knickers down and greedily licked my cunt inside and out as I moaned with pleasure I could see Bob undoing the zip to his jeans. Sue ripped off the rest of what she was wearing and plunged once again into my pussy. I told her I wanted to fuck her with my new strap on vibtating cock and got up and pulled it on. It gave me a rush of excitement as I pushed her down and opened her legs with a big purple dick pertruding from my groin. As I plunged it on the bed Bob Kneeld on the bed grabbing his big hard cock as he watched closely me fucking another woman. She moaned really loudly and gushed loads of her juices all ovet me and the bed. I felt impowered by it as I took it off and told he it was her turn to wear it and use it on me. She eagerly put it on her and once again I spred my legs. She enterd me and I couldnt believe how muck like a man it felt as it vitbrated in my pussy and around my clit. I looked at Bob and squeezed his arm while Sue was bent over seeing to me and said, go on Bob, fuck her from behind. He had a look of pure greedyness in his eyes as he pulled a condom expertly over his hard dick and without futher coaking plunged it in her but we all giggled when she siad hed put it up her arse the dirt horny fucker. She certainly wasnt complaining though as he shagged her arse and fingerd her fanny as he watched what we were doing from behind her. I dont come so easily but new I would when Bob enterd me so told him it was my turn for his cock. He slid out of her as she pulled herself away from me and took the condom from his cock then took me and kissed me with so much hunger we both came straight away. It was out first threesome and it was the sexiest kinkyest thing I have ever done. Sue is emailing us and gagging for it again. Till next time. xxx