Written by tderby2000

30 Sep 2010

I am quite nieve when it comes to cottaging, or I was until I recently had my eyes opened .... and my trousers :)

I was travelling back from work along the A17 near Sleaford and I was desperate for a pee so I decided to stop in a large layby with toilets. I walked in and went to the cubicles where I sat down and saw a hole in the wall next to me. Well I knew what that was for but had never had the courage to peek through although i have played with myself in the past incase someone was watching. I leaned forward and saw a guy wanking off in the other cubicle, I was aching to touch his cock but the hole was too small to allow anything to go through. As I was finishing off I heard the door open and close and he walked off, a few seconds later someone came back in so I had another look and this older guy was also playing with himself. I watched a while feeling really turned on but had to get going, as I left the cubicle I stopped, turned and tapped gently on the other cubicle door. The guy openned it and beckoned me in as he opened his trousers and handed me his cock and then he sat on the toilet, pulled my cock out of my trousers and sucked me to completion in no time at all holding my load of cum in his mouth before letting it dribble back out and into the toilet.

I walked out of the cubicle in a daze as I have never done this in a toilet before and now I want more. I will be visiting there again when passing by.