Written by pc49

11 Sep 2009

To continue, Julie met up with her “other man” and I received reports during the evening. He met her at a party of friends of hers at 9:30. She sent me text messages:-

“He has arrived. Looking good. Tanned. I’m pleased to see him”

About half an hour later she sent:-

“He said same about my dress as you. Glad you both like it”

I then heard nothing until after 11pm:-

“He is talking cars with someone. I am excited. Hot. Both from telling you, and not knowing what he is going to do to me later….!”

I then heard nothing from her for the rest of the night. It was a bit tortuous, in honesty. But we caught up again on the next day, Saturday.

“Sorry. We did not leave the party until half one, and he did not leave me until gone 3. Thought that was late even for you”

I asked for details she said:-

“He took me back to my room. Undressed me, He was in total control. Something he has not been for a long time. He took his time kissing my neck and breasts. Then he went down on me, it was amazing. He sent me off to another place. I got very vocal and loud. Then he entered me, missionary and moved very slowly. I came again, really hard. When he knew I was done, he pulled out and lied next to me. I knelt by him and wanked him really hard. He came in my mouth, I swallowed it all. Then we lay together for an hour talking. He stroked my hair. It was amazing”

As you can imagine, I got hard as reading these messages and had a wank. Julie and I are meeting up next weekend. But she is seeing this other bloke again before then. I’ll report back.