Written by Naughtystaffs

9 Nov 2010

I must admit I get very turned on by Mrs N sort of Cucking me. I get so excited by it. I asked her if it would be alright for me to leave her for a while, with her new lover I love coming hearing them from downstairs. I wonder what he is doing to her. The noises are just so tempting to go and watch. I slowly go upstairs and listen to them playing outside the door. The humiliation is just so fucking horny. Another man satisfying my woman. How does she feel about his moves? Is he any good ? Do I need to go and make sure he is satisfying her ? All these questions burst into your mind. It’s almost too comprehend.

I slowly opened the door and peeped in. Andy was licking her out. She lay there legs apart. Andy made such filthy, slurping noises. He must have been struggling to cope with all the streams of cum. She was obviously cumming all over his face. I took some more pix. They were oblivious to my presence. I went to Mrs N face and shoved my fat cock in her face for sucking. She greedily accepted. Andy asked if Mrs N would sit on his face. Of course he could, but would he mind if I got the webcam out and proudly displayed our Saturday night fun on the fem for blacks Saturday night room. Just so love the idea of everyone seeing us play. Show the world that we do actually meet.

Anyway I left them too it again for a while. By the time I came back with the laptop and Mrs N was getting ready to mount her man for the first time. The first actual fuck position we went for was spit roast. We stood each side of the bed. Mrs N stuck out her glorious ass and and sumped in.She was so wet. Slidiest fuck I can remember for ages. Andy had done a great job licking her out. Almost felt like spunk in there LOL. (I wish)

We exchange places. I lay on the bed while Andy inserted his knob from behind. Mrs N happily sucking and licking my balls and bell end. Felt so good and she was writhing in exstacy. Sometime unable to control herself. Gasping with pleasure as he knobbed her.

Next position was her ontop.and then started to ride. The room had a glorious view of her arse bobbing up and down on his BBC.You could see her trying to squeeze the bell end with her fanny muscles. God I just had to say filthy things to them. She is such a slut riding so many cocks. I left them to it again for a while. I hoped I’d be able to watch from downstairs but unfortunately that didn’t seem possible.

When I returned I asked Mrs N if she’d like us to slide our cocks in for 20 strokes each and then swap. That way she could feel the sensations of 2 different cocks. We’d video it. So erotic to see her afterwards taking us both in alternate turns. Would have like to have tried DP but I think Andy and I would have been too much for her on this occasion. We swapped 2 or 3 times. Mrs N’s fanny was pulsing with orgasms the final time I entered her. I decided to deposit my spunk in her pussy so that Andy could have my spunk to lube her. As if it was needed LOL.

Mrs N was by now getting a bit overcum and needed a rest from all that fucking so I suggested Andy spunk all over her tits. What a guy. I reckon he could have gone on all night. After 5 or 10 mins of us sucking and wanking him he let out a loud yesssssssssss and came 4 or 5 big squirts of Jiz all over her boobs. By now I’d gone hard again and I massaged his cum all over her tits with my cock and hands. Making sure her boobs were liberally buttered for me to clean up later after Andy had gone. (which of course I did) like a good cuck.

Anyway the meet end with a nice cuddle and lots of thanks from Andy for asking him round. I’m pretty sure we’ll be having him back. He was a real gentleman and a pleasure for us to have seen him.