Written by blueboxers

4 Dec 2011

We had started chatting to a cuckold hubby that wanted his wife fucking in front of him. He was sub and had only seen her with a single guy before. Chats via the phone with both him and his wife ensued. And a visit was arranged. Initially she wanted 6 chaps, but closer to the time the prospect of so many men scared her, so the number was reduced to 3.

They arrived on the day arranged. She got out of the car and hubby followed with his head down behind. She was lead into the play room and her followed. She was a pretty Indian lady and he a white chap. She had a cheeky smile and removed a longer dress to reveal, a short slutty skirt, stockings, suspenders and sexy bra. We surrounded her and began to kiss and grope her. This was within minutes of walking in, she was already getting excited and as we slipped our fingers into her pussy, she was getting wet.

Her hubby stood the just watching, he was told to strip and stand in the corner and watch. His wife was bent over and the 1st of many cocks pushed into her pussy, where she was bent over was a chair, one of the other chaps sat in this and she started to suck his cock, we were all still dressed at this time. The first lot of cum was shot into her.

The chaps then stripped and she kneeled down, taking each of the 3 cocks into her mouth in turn whilst wanking the others with her hands, she did very well (bit like rubbing your stomach whilst patting your head). She then got on all fours and cocks were pushed into her pussy and mouth. The 3 chaps kept swapping round. We could see hubby in the corner who was now playing with himself. His wife kept looking up at him and telling him how good it felt. He was asked if he could ever fuck her like we did he just bowed his head and said “no Sir”.

She was one greedy lady, and after a short time she agreed that next meet she would take far more of the group. She was very tight. And we tried as much lubricant as we could but we were all too big to take her ass. We pushed a few dildos in her ass as we fucked her pussy, but fucking it, well that will have to wait till next time.

We made her sub hubby come close and see the cocks pushing into her pussy and stretching it, he agreed he could not give her as much pleasure. After each load of cum was deposited into her pussy, she was laid on her back and her cuck subby hubby was made to lick her clean. We lost count of the times he had to do this.

After a few hours of fucking this willing lady, she became even tighter, however this did not stop her, she kept saying how sore she was getting then as soon as another cock was pushed against her pussy, she pushed back on it lol.

After she had played she gave us all a big passionate kiss for hubbies pleasure right in front of him and saying how she had been fucked so much better by us than him.

They will be visiting us again in the near future.