Written by coolon

23 Dec 2008

It was the culmination of years

Of patience and yearning;

Of hints, waiting and tongue hanging out pleading;

And now she was about to do it

Right in front of me.

Now there she was,

Brazenly bending over the sofa,

Facing me with a rouged smile,

Drunken boobs spilling out of her basque,

Elbows on the sofa back.

He stood behind her,

Young, lean and hungry,

Looking down in lust

At her ample arse,

Which she wiggled suggestively.

She closed her eyes

As he ran his large hands over her

In slow appreciation;

Then opened them again slowly

To look me straight in the eye.

“Are You sure you want this?

Remember it was your idea.

It’s your last chance to back out.”

Dry mouthed, I nodded.

“I want it.” I whispered.

“You’re dirty” She said.

“Yes” I whispered



“You’re sure?””

“Please” I begged

“Please what”

“Please be a slut for me”

There was a long moment of silence,

Then she reached behind and slowly inched up her skirt.

She glanced behind over her suspendered arse.

“Its all yours,\", she said to the man. \"And I want you to make him very very jealous”

Smiling, he steps forward

And rubs his hardness against her;

Her eyes close and she sighs,

Her stilettoes clack as she widens her stride

And pushes back,

Readying for him.

His thumbs trace up her thighs,

Over her buttocks and hook into her panties;

Pulling them very slowly down.

Then her eyes open again,

Looking at me again

But differently;

An eyebrow raised

Saying; “beware of what you have wished for;

Because I am going to enjoy this.”

Panties by her knees now.

The whisper of a zip

And sight of the cock,

Huge and hard,

Coming in to line

To nudge her cleft.

He teases her with his knob.

She leans low on the sofa back,

Looking at me one last time.

Then she lowers her head

“Come on big boy. Do me.”

He lays one palm flat on her back,

As his other, a fist, guides him;

A slow deep thrust

And he’s in her

And she’s inside herself;


She takes a huge breath

“Oh Christ. It’s big”

He doesn’t move.

Just looks at me as if to say.

“I’ve got her now.”

Slowly she moves,

Tentatively as first,

Easing over his length,

Then, as she loosens, confidently

“Oh big. So very big.”

And soon she’s sliding his length

Her sighs become grunts

A greedy girl.

His big hands molest her;

Over her arse cheeks and thighs, her back and shoulders;

And he takes control

Picks up the pace.

Big hands over neck and hair and round to her tits

As his powerful buttocks pump.

And now she’s lost;

Grunting and whimpering and calling on God.

She’s lost..

And then the cruellest thing.

She calls “Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

And comes on his cock

As he fucks her hard.

Her thighs quivering,

Buttocks shivering,

Neck sweating,

Whimpering and crying and then a long loud moan,

As she comes like I’ve never heard her before.

His mouth tenses and buttocks clench

As he empties his load inside her.

And they stay bent over the sofa

For a long time,

Sweating and panting

Till they begin to find some composure.

Then he straightens and stands,

Pulls out his dick and stands aside

Still stroking her big arse.

She stays collapsed over the sofa.

“Mate. Your wife is some fuck.”

I move round the sofa

And fall to my knees

Behind her.

“Oh thank you my darling.”

“Thank you “ I cry.

I place my hands upon her cheeks;

put my face into her well fucked cunt,

In amongst the spunk

And my nose into her arse.

I worship her.

As I lick and suck she begins to respond

And moves against my face,

As I work on she moans again

And comes quietly on me.

I stand and slip my penis in

To her slack and soaking pussy.

She doesn’t notice

And I come in seconds

Crying out how much I love her.