Written by OralGenius_1

26 Mar 2011

After our swingers intro night, my wife and I had some amazing sex afterwards, both so horny just at the very thought of it all.

We'd kept in touch with Darren, unsure if we'd ever meet again, until we were off to spend a few nights by the coast. It wasn't far from where Darren actually lived, and when we said we were off on holiday, he asked if we fancied meeting up, even if only for a few drinks. We spoke together about it, and asked if he fancied a little bit more than that. He asked if we wanted him to join us, or as our dom and we agreed to the latter, so horny at the very idea of it. He said it sounded good, but as our master, we had to agree to his terms, but nothing would happen we wouldn't enjoy. We agreed, and after we booked our hotel, he said he'd meet us in the hotel bar on our first night

He wanted Jules in a see-through shirt, white, with a white bra underneath. Mid-thigh skirt and holdup stockings, just covered by the skirt with black, thong-style panties and of course, black heels. We arrived in the bar with Jules getting a few looks from the guys there. Darren arrived at the bar and as requested, I stayed sat while Jules walked to him. He kissed her there, tongue deep in her mouth as I watched, and squeezed her ass tightly with one hand, lifting the skirt and the whole bar could see one stocking top. My loving wife of so long being man-handled by a much older man at the bar while I watched. The whole thing was so wrong, yet my cock was so hard just seeing this. They sat and joined me, bringing me a drink. To my surprise, Darren reached down and placed his hand on my crotch, impressed at how hard I was - "turn you on, seeing me play with your wife, ?" I could hardly say no, could I!!!! We chatted for a while and they sent me to the bar for more drinks. On my return I saw something on the table - it was Jules' black panties, and the entire room could see them. He asked her if this was turning on and she looked at me, I smiled, and said she'd never been this fucking horny in her life! He laughed and said perhaps it's time we ventured upstairs to the room

We walked from the bar towards the elevator's and I was told to walk behind. His hand was all over my wife's arse, groping, squeezing tight, and I knew she was loving it all. I could see both stocking tops now as her skirt rode up and she didn't seem to care at all. We got to the lift and as the doors closed, he raised her skirt right up, roughly pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and brought them up - one for her to suck, the other for me. We cleaned them eagerly, and they were soaking wet - and my cock was rock hard to match! I looked down and could see that Darren was the same, and it was obvious he was looking forward to some fun with my beloved

The lift doors opened and Jules reached down to lower her skirt, but her lover said no, so we had to walk to the room with her skirt around her waist, blouse buttoned down to the waist with her amazing cleavage on show. We got to the room and I opened the door as Darren picked her up, pushed her to the bed and ordered her to remove the blouse and skirt. She looked so fucking horny laid there. He told me to spread her legs open, nice and wide, and for her to begin teasing her pussy for us to see, when he looked at us both on the bed and said "Right, it's time to see just how fucking slutty my little married whore can be!"

Hope it's all still good? Happy to continue if you like it?