Written by Nsafun_one

10 Mar 2012

My first encounter was pretty tame compared to some on here but still gets me hard thinking about it now!

It occurred two years ago, browsing the 'woman seeking man' adds wondering which were genuine I came across an advert from a married woman looking to suck another man off. Now I love being sucked. I love the feeling of a warm mouth wrapped around me, having a sexy woman looking up into my eyes as she slides her lips down my shaft. Convinced it was yet another fake I couldn't help responding to it anyway, just on the offchance....and to my shock I received an email back less than an hour later.

L was approximately 20 miles from me. She apologised for taking so long to respond (less than an hour - I forgave her ;)) but this was her first advert and she was very nervous. We got chatting. She was 30, blonde, 5'6", slim, married three years and loved her husband but he did not like her performing oral sex on him. She, however, loved sucking a hard cock and was looking for a one-off encounter with a man to satisfy her craving. L was lovely, clearly genuine, and over the course of the next five days we chatted, exchanged photos, talked about what turned us on and agreed on a scenario we would both like to act out. Her husband was away one night the following week, so we arranged to meet then.

After the longest four days of my life the day came around, 6pm, parked in a nice residential estate I walked over to the door of the address she had given me, wondering if i was entirely mad - whether married women really do arrange meets on swinging sites.

And then she opened the door. Just as her photo, she let me in wearing a white blouse, black skirt, hold ups and heels, as we had agreed. Without saying a word I pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply as I undid her blouse, releasing her small, perfect breasts, rolling her nipple between my finger before sliding my hand down lower, under her skirt, finding how wet her clean-shaven pussy was. I slid in one finger, two, looking into her eyes as I did it, then bringing my wet fingers up to her mouth and watching her suck them clean. I'd never seen anything so erotic. I gently pressed her shoulders and lowered her to her knees in front of me. Unzipping, i released my now hard cock and fed it into her willing mouth, slow strokes gently fucking her mouth, a little deeper on each stroke, until at last I had my fingers entwined in her blonde hair, holding her head steady as I enjoyed her mouth, getting faster and faster as I got closer to cumming, and then I tensed; her hands on my arse cheeks she held me there as I pumped the biggest load of sperm I believe I have ever released straight into her mouth, splashing against the back of her throat, her swallowing as I went and, fair play to her, she didn't miss a drop. And then I relaxed, spent. Pulling up my trousers I leant over and kissed her on the head and, whispering "thank-you", left her there, on her knees, hair tousled, the taste of my spunk still on her lips.

Good to our agreement, it was a one-off. I've had a few similar encounters since, been sucked off by a few married women; some even with their husbands watching! But none so horny and erotic as that first encounter with L.

However, if anyone thinks they can make me cum as hard, or as much, as L did, I'm always willing to give it another go...;).