Written by Dave B

12 Nov 2015

After reading so many of these stories on hear and wondering if that sort of stuff really does go on and being in a bit of a stale relationship, i decided after a lot of deliberation fuck it I'll go out and have a look at some of the local haunts that ive read about. After visiting a couple of places where nothing was going on i parked my car in a little isolated car park and with so many thoughts racing through my mind, and with a raging hard on i had a quick look around reclined the seat a bit and started to rub myself up,it didn't take long before i had to unbuttoned my jeans and get my aching and dripping cock out, i closed my eyes and slowly started wanking myself off, the thought of getting caught heightening the sensation. After what only seemed like a couple of minutes i was ready to cum and for some reason had a quick glimpse around before i finished myself off and too my surprise there were a middle aged couple standing by the passenger door watching me, i froze and wasn't really sure what to do now, there i was hard on in my hand foreskin pulled right back and the tip of my cock glistening in the half-light. For a split second i stopped, then remembered why i was there and with my cock still in my hand i lent across and opened the passenger door, as she opened it fully i got an eye full of a quite a large erect cock that he was rubbing, he then sat in the car and his partner or whatever she was, beaconed me to carry on, it felt a little uncomfortable at first but as i watched her crouch down next to the car and start to wank him off i lightened up. That was until he reached across and started to run his finger over the tip of my cock rubbing my pre cum between his fingers and then back over the tip again and with hands now sticky with me over them he pushed my hand away and slid his hand down to the base of my cock and back up and i came like a bloody fountain up my t shirt and all over his wrist and hand. I thought that was it but he lent over and sucked the last remnants of cum from my still hard cock, i wasn't expected that or the fact that when he stopped sucking me and sat back up he placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me over to finish him off in my mouth and never having had a cock that close to my face before what looked big before now looked fucking enormous. She continued to wank him and i sort of just opened my mouth and licked and sucked the tip and as she pulled him off at a pace i was struggling to keep up with, i knew he wouldn't last long and was getting prepared to move my mouth away and then i felt a bit of gentle persuasion on the back of my head and just then he went absolutely rigid and thrust himself right to the back of my throat which made me gag not quite as much as when he came my god i swallowed some, my mouth was full and he still kept cuming , she then whispered in my ear to swallow it all, that was the first time she had spoken and she had such a soft gentle reasurring voice that i did, even the cum that had dripped out and down his shaft. As his erection stared to subside and he lessened the pressure on the back of my head i sat up and reached across and pulled his foreskin back over the end of his cock, that made him judder, he then just put himself away and stepped out of the car and nodded at me she said that that was fantastic and that they walk that way every Tuesday evening That was the only other words that were spoken between us, then they were gone. I sat there my cock still out covered in cum wondering what just happened. Never thought id have done that but wow what a thrill that was and id definetaly try it all again