Written by M4rco

8 Jul 2008

One sunny day we decided to go down to the river for some sunbathing and a paddle there is one stretch where the banks in several places have subsided forming a step which gives a bit of privacy for people who like to go there, we headed for one of these places you can see if they are taken it is usual to leave something on the top bank for people to see, there was a couple in the middle of the stretch we picked one and got ourselves settled down, a few minutes later a man we know as Dave and had met for sex a few times in the near past turned up and said hello he must have seen us heading through the park where we have met him in the evenings Teresa had sex with him and followed us down we invited him to sit with us, Teresa took off her blouse revealing her breasts nicely packaged in her bikini top while facing him I could tell now she was feeling naughty then she stood and unzipped her mini skirt and pulled it down over her gorgeous curves, I could see Dave taking in the view running his eyes over her body which he had seen naked a few times in the past anyway so we were all cool with it anyway, Teresa put her towel down in between us and lay on her back showing what a lovely shaped body she has a proper woman’s body with all the curves in the right places then said whose going to rub the oil on me then? I knew she was up for some fun so I said after you Dave he took the oil and poured some in his hand Teresa turned and faced down to have her back done first he started at her shoulders but the straps were getting in the way Teresa reached behind and undid her top and pulled the straps off her shoulders he slowly rubbed the oil in making sure he did the sides too moving down to the small of her back and across to her slender waist as he went from side to side his finger tips went under the top of her bikini bottoms a little way, I don’t know what it was doing to him but it gave me a raging hard on watching it, next he started on her legs from the bottom of her calves working up doing one leg at a time as he got to the top he worked around the bikini line sliding his fingers to the inside of her thigh and out again just letting his fingers get underneath her bikini line by her cheeks and out again to the inside of her thigh brushing her pussy through her bottoms once or twice, I was sat up watching by now totally turned on seeing another man rubbing her body like that Teresa lay with her head facing me with her eyes closed the whole time enjoying it Dave stopped there and we chatted for a while over some cans of beer we had brought with us when we finished she said you can do the front now and turned over but without her strap done up its impossible to keep her breasts under control and they fell out as she turned to which she said oh well! And took it off altogether revealing her full breasts and her fully erect nipples Dave said where do you want me to start she said at the top again he moved his oily hands across the top of her chest quickly doing her shoulders and down her arms a little way with his forearm brushing her breast moving back to the top he rubbed his hand down her valley between and around underneath gently brushing the bottom of them then back the same way then the bit I’d been waiting for down over the top of her firm mounds cupping them as he rubbed them in a circular motion giving them a gentle squeeze now and then and sliding her nipples between two of his fingers, he slowly moved down over her stomach and across the top of her bikini line again sliding his fingers under the band of them a little further this time he must have been into the hairs of her pussy this time I could see Teresa breathing deeper now as he moved to her legs, again working from the bottom up when he got to the top of her thighs he slid his hands down to the inside them again slightly brushing her pussy through her bottoms Teresa’s knees spread slightly he did the same again but brushing a little firmer this time she spread wider again this time he gave her a firm rub several times she arched her back slightly she then said I need some more on my belly he put some more oil on his hand and started rubbing her lower stomach as he slid his finger under the top she widened her knees and pushed his hand down her bikini bottoms till his fingers went between her legs I could see his fingers working her pussy underneath the cloth she spread her knees as wide as she could I was rubbing my stiff cock watching this amazing scene he leaned down and started kissing her while he finger fucked her pussy she was pulling his fingers into her now and writhing at the pleasure, I could see his cock bulging in his shorts she moved her free hand and slid it down his shorts I could see her hand working up and down his cock, they stopped kissing and she said I want to fuck and lifted her bum off the towel and eased down her bikini bottoms and took them off he was doing the same with his shorts she leaned over him and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him while he played with her breasts, a little while later he pushed her gently back down onto her towel she raised her knees and spread them offering him her pussy he kneeled between her legs and lowered himself onto her supporting himself with one hand he placed the other between her legs and guided his cock into her, he slid in easily pushing himself all the way in first time she moaned as he reached the top he kissed her deeply as he slid his stiff cock in and out with a steady rhythm I moved myself so that I could see the penetration clearly and kneeled with my shorts down slowly wanking myself watching his cock sliding in and out of her I should have been watching for people coming really but didn’t want to miss a thing we were ok there were a few other couples around but we were out of site we could just hear them, Teresa lifted her feet off the floor and brought her knees up higher to allow him to get deeper into her he raised himself and put one of her legs over each shoulder raising her bum off the ground and drove his cock deep inside her she let out a loud moan The people who were nearest to us went quiet at this you could hear him slapping against her I heard the people giggling, Teresa was starting to make more noise now I knew she was about to cum she was in the throes of extreme pleasure and didn’t care, I got up on my knees to see if anyone was there to the sight of another couple a little way down the bank standing and giggling trying to find out where the noise was coming from I got back down in time to see Teresa cumming she arched her back and let out a loud oooooooooooh!! And a few quieter ones a few strokes later Dave came too he thrust deep into her and held himself in her as far as he could go while he shot his cum deep into her, at that moment I came too and shot over the grass when he had finished unloading he let her legs down off his shoulders and lay on top of her with his cock remaining in her she put her arms around him and hooked her feet over the back of his legs he was slowly rolling his hips forward and back easing out the last of his cum as she lay with her head turned to me with a happy smile on her face and a loving look for me.

Dave got off her and said thanks to us both do you mind if I leave we said no carry on he dressed and as he left said hope to meet again soon I said don’t leave it to chance and gave him my mobile number, Teresa was still laying naked she looked beautiful, she asked did you cum too true I said, what do you want to do now? lets go home and clean up I asked her to only put on her blouse and skirt, why? She asked well your top is see through and your skirt only covers your bum I want blokes leering at you, she dressed as I asked and we set off along the bank as we approached the next bay along the couple were standing we said hi I could see his eyes piercing her top when we passed I looked back and she had sat down he was undressing Teresa I smiled as I heard the girl saying there was three of them!!!

We did arrange to see Dave again several times in fact all in potentially compromising locations also other guys too we have a lot of fun like that but that’s another story