Written by bohemian00

7 Jun 2011

now i wrote about my wife and the meeting of Roger a while back let me pick the story up

we drove into chesterfield around about 5,00 pm we neede to pick up some cigarettes the long brown type this is before smoking was banned.

we picked the cigarettes up and headed towards the hotel both very excited and nervous we checked in around about 5.30 and went to our room Di was still dressed in her work clothes she told me she was going to prepare herself for her date we still had a couple of hours to kill.

Around about seven i made my way to the bar dutch courage a couple of pints ready for rogers arrival,Roger arrived bang on time at 7,30 absolutely smashing lad we had a pint before Dis arrival in the bar

She came down dressed very conservately knee boots three quarter pants and a nice top that just gave a hint of the size of her 38ffs we had to sit in the non smoking side of the bar for a while Di sat next to roger and i left them alone as much as i could toilet bar runs

Then seats became available in the small bar area with this Di dissapeared to the toilet

i went to the bar for more drinks when she returnned she had applied a very nice red lipstick roger sat next to her and she lit one of the long brown ciggies sat on a tall bar stool and smoked out of the side of her mouth very sluttish i could see a couple of guys getting closer because our conversation was becoming more risque and then knew what were up to

the time had now come for us to retire Di said to me you stay here with roger and have another pint ill give you a call when iam ready