Written by Greedybitch4u

5 Aug 2012

Seeing there's not to many Bi Ladies story tellers on her My partner thought l should share my recent discovery with you all .......

I have known Christine for a good few years and she had always seemed to be a nice respectable lady. She lost her husband about 8 years ago and l thought she had used things like the WI and charity work to keep occupied. I had been friends with her and she had asked me on a few occasions to give talks to the WI.

We had often been in each others houses for coffee and chats, and it was on one of these visits l made a discovery which gave me a different glimpse into her life. I had to visit her bathroom and l saw in there a couple of "toys" from Ann Summers. l was tempted to say something but decided against it just in case I caused an upset.

Retuning home l was giving lots of thought to how l would play my new insight to my friends use of toys. Chris is in her 60s and about my size nice figure and has looked after herself. Having made arrangements to clear my wardrobe of a few things l invited her to pop over and see if the stuff was suitable to give to one of her charity stalls. l sorted some normal stuff and also had a few fun items on the side. In addition l left some toys not in open view but opening the wardrobe door would show them l hoped they would lead to some comments.

When she arrived we went up to my bedroom and l showed her the pile l had sorted and she was happy to take them. Asking what the other pile was l said it was fun stuff that l thought unsuitable for charity stalls. Seeing the frilly items she said l don't know they could spice up the sales. l gathered up the items and went to put them in the wardrobe, on opening the door l could see the her eyes were drawn to the items and said oh keep that to yourself won't you ?

She looked quizzically at me and said l have a few of those myself maybe we should compare them. In that case l replied licking my lips l have a couple of DVD that you might like shall we watch them ? Yes lets she said, l got a DVD out of my bedside drawer and put it on the TV/DVD player which l have in the bedroom. We lay on the bed and l pressed the play button.

The DVD was one featuring Girl on girl action and was one l found got my juices flowing and it was the same with Chris. l looked over and she was wriggling a bit so l knew it was having the desired effect. Leaning over l cupped her breast and kissed her hard, the effect was she opened her mouth and our tongues started to explore our mouths. At the same time she was caressing my breasts as l felt her mound at that she let out a soft moan and said yes do it to me.

Needing no further invite l lifted her dress and felt her soaking gusset sliding my hand under her panties l used my finger to press and circle her clitoris. Her response was to raise her hips and push down her pants till she could kick them and her shoes off leaving her pussy open to my prodding fingers. Thank God l did not have tights on she said breathlessly. I don't either l said by way of an invitation for her to give my hardening clitoris some attention.

Her hand soon found my naked mound wow she said no panties and your shaved too, yes l said l rarely wear them in summer. God she said your wetter than me as she spread my juices onto my clitoris and rubbed me while l put two fingers into her waiting cunt. Raising her hips to meet my probing fingers l moved them deeper and faster enjoying her moans till biting her lip she came with a shudder and her hips sank back onto the bed.

Resting as one we removed our clothes casting them onto the floor then as l looked at her still well kept body she reached for my breasts and gently pinched my nipples. Both of us then lost all control and hands lips and limbs entangled in a frenzy. We don't need toys yet l said go down on me and drink from my overflowing cup. Turning she held my legs open and lowering her head she started to drive me crazy with her flicking tongue.

I was lost as waves of pleasure washed over me. Her tongue was everywhere biting and nibbling my clitoris then probing my pussy till she was licking my walls and it was not long before l came on her face. I actually squirted my cum as l climaxed and my legs were shaking as l contracted my cunt trying to keep the climax going.

Laying together l was kissing her face and tasted my juices as I felt our breasts crushed together both sets of nipples touching it was such an exotic feeling. Let me show you what you have just done to me l rasped . Oh yes please Chris whispered l want that more than l can say. I opened her legs wide and opened her with my fingers then lowered my head till l could tease her a little before l consumed her as she had me.

It was not long before she exploded onto my tongue and was shrieking with wild cries, abandoned as she arched her back for me her cum soaking her and me . Laying together we agreed it was perfect release and next time we would use our favorite toys on each other. Both pleased we had discovered a new source of pleasure with each other .

After a brief rest we showered together exploring and caressing our naked bodies. Enjoying the feeling of soft soapy hands rubbing and squeezing in a closeness that women crave and need from another of like minds. Talking together after dressed and feeling mutually satisfied we agreed that this was to be our secret but was to nice a thing not to be repeated.

Chris asked about my husband and what would happen if he knew about us. l told her not to worry as even if he did know his first thought would be how can l join them.

She was shocked at that but seemed to accept the reasoning when l told her the frilly's and toys he had bought for me. l secretly thought it would be nice to have a three sum with her and him. That was for the future though now, my mind was concentrating on our next tryst. That was shaping up to be sooner rather than later.

If this develops as l want it to l may post another episode.....