Written by 4playinc

29 Dec 2012

My misses Mia ,Though not slim is a 58yr old fun person to be around bubbly and honest . She is a large size 22 with big nipples which when excited stands to attention at the right stroke (or two), myself. Well I’m a 18 yr old in a 52 year body who has many fantasizes, most are ffm threesomes but I always feel perhaps it should be mmf to pleasure my Mia more , whether they are what my misses wants is not known as she states she is happy and content with just me.

So this is one of mine based on truth , We went to this London club , dressed in night wear as the invitation stated.

where there is a tent for loving in called the Dome, outside the dome is many sexual happenings including the smell of sex from s and m through to mm f - ff m and foot fetish or door matting ,( yes these places do exist) So by the time we enter the dome we are so gagging for sex that who ever or what ever else is in the dome is not high on our needs list, Mia finds a lay down spot im on her kissing , fingering and nibbling her tits her nighty fallen over showing all her body for all to see, by now a single guy is hovering and stroking her arm I carry on nibbling her big nipple and watch as his long strokes start to reach mels other breast .

I turn and look him up and down as his other hand plays with his own hard cock, I Growl at him (as to say hands off) he removed his hand but carried on stroking his cock, with a confused look he asked why he cant play, I look at Mia, who gives me a smile so I take control and state simply, you never asked.

He wanked harder and asked nicely if he could lick and fiddle with those lovely big brown nipples and if possible to lick her wet pussy, by now im so horny Mia is dripping and biting her bottom lip that I SAID YES

slowly he nibbled as Mia moaned, his hands feeling the dampness of her thighs and as he moved down her body he gave little butterfly kisses towards the trimmed garden I have moved up to mias head postilion my dribbling cock resting on her lips waiting to be licked flicked and then deeply sucked, He darted his tongue in her pussy fast- faster faster and deeper he went, moans erupted from Mia as the pleasure heightened her relaxed safe state, my cock deep in her mouth , pulsing with certainty that cum was near , I withdrew as im about to cum , Hearing Mia organism from her finger licking tonging I withdrew as im about to cum, she grabs my testicles with her mouth tea-bagging and the guys mouth suddenly is sucking my bellend . Its all too much as I spray my cum wherever it wants to go.

The guy returns to lick Mia out with added glee, knowing this was a good beginning cos the night was young.........