Written by Steve8

3 Nov 2017

Hi this is stale of long held desires finally met and another off the bucket list.

In Aberdeen before the bypass construction was started there was great dogging car park on the Blacktop Rd. One night a blue van pulled in followed by smaller car driven by a real foxy looking lady. It transpired they were friends and we had a good session, blow jobs all round resulting in her stripping to reveal a fantastic body and leopardskin print lingerie.

She had fantastic nipples which I sucked for what seemed hours and her pussy was tight and juicy. Her friend and I took turns walking and then being sucked by this gorgeous girl. Finally I could hold back no longer and shot my load all over her face and chest which was all kipped up by his sweatshirt.

Numbers were exchanges and we arranged to meet a couple of weeks later.

I met the man in the blue van in a lay-by and we drove to the whitesrtipes car park (which was before it was blocked off). The lady drove up in her car again and we drove a couple of miles up the road to a field entrance by some trees.

Her friend and I had already discussed what we would like. The leopardskin lady was so horny that she just wanted to leap on the gearstick of his car. I had said that she should drink lots of water and come with a full bladder - he asked why and said do you want her to piss on you - I said yes. he asked where on your cock? I said all over really abut particularly straight into my mouth.

We arrived in the lay-by, I pulled some old curtains out of the boot and we stripped off, after some time sucking licking fucking and walking he said to her what don't you piss on him?

She turned around, pushed me onto my back and squatted over me. It obviously wasn't easy, she was really horny and she kept rubbing her pussy shouting come on piss Piss Piss! Eventually we were rewarded with a spirt of glorious hot steaming golden liquid which splashed into my chest, up my neck and chin and finally was delivered direct to my open mouth. the feeling was fantastic, I finally had a gorgeous girl pissing on me. The note of the water filling my mouth raised in tone - she stopped and allowed me to swallow then pissed again. Overall it felt like she was pissing on me for 5 minutes but it was probably less. When she had finished she quoted on me and I liked her pussy dry, it really was the most fantastic experience and I can't wait do do it again.. Afterwards we fucked some more then covered her face and tits in spunk and went our separate ways. Would love to hear if any other dogging girls are into piss fun in Aberdeen....Steve