Written by scotsgeordiecpl

17 Feb 2007

For my birthday, my boyfriend, Mark treated me to a very sexy weekend in Amsterdam.

We had fantisised about meeting a total stranger in a club or bar and for us all to have some good sexy fun. When we had sex I would ask Mark what he would want to see and what he would want this other guy to do. He told me that he wanted to see how wet I got when riding his cock, he wanted to see me sucking and licking his cock and then he wanted to fuck me hard while the other guy wanked over my tits. This always got us both so horny so we decided that in Amsterdam we would make this fantasy happen.

We decided to visit a club, I dressed just how we both like, short tartan skirt, stockings and suspenders. My skirt was short enough so that you could see my stocking tops. I wore a low cut top exposing my breasts, Mark adores my breasts and I can’t get enough of him licking and sucking my nipples – he is just so good with his mouth. To finish off the look I wore my ‘shagging’ shoes, they've got killer heels and are a nightmare to walk in but they look great! I felt so horny when I was dressed and it took all of our willpower not to shag in the hotel beforehand.

Inside the club it took us a while to get accustomed to the dim lights. There were a lot of people there, a mixture of couples and singles. An almost naked girl was dancing on a podium. She had a fantastic body and I knew that Mark found her attractive as I felt his hard cock when I rubbed the front of his trousers. It was going to be a good night.

I looked into his eyes, he was turned on with the atmosphere in the club and of what was going to happen. I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about what was to come. He stroked my breasts and whispered that I should look around and see if anyone took my fancy.

I noticed a guy standing at the bar. He was on his own so we decided to go across for a chat. He told us that he was called Erik, was a local and was waiting for his friends to arrive. He had arrived early. While we chatted Mark lifted my skirt a little higher to give Erik more of a view of my stocking tops and started to fondle my breasts through the thin material of my top. My nipples were so hard you could see them through the material and I could see that Erik was getting aroused by this.

Mark suggested to Erik that we could go somewhere a little quieter for us all to have some fun. Erik knew the owner of the club and quickly arranged for us to go into a quiet back room. The room was sparsely furnished, it had a sofa in one corner and a desk in the other.

Mark pulled me towards him and kissed me passionately, his tongue seeking every part of my mouth. At the same time he loosened the buttons on my top and exposed my breasts. Turning me around he beckoned to Erik to come across. Erik focused his attention on my naked breasts. I could see his cock growing hard creating a bulge in his trousers. I didn’t need to look to see if Marks cock was hard. I already knew as I was caressing it through his trousers as Erik sucked on my nipples. “Are you sure about this?” whispered Mark and I nodded silently. That was the approval that he wanted.

I began to unbuckle Eriks trousers and once I had freed his cock I lowered my head and started to suck, wanking at the same time. Mark lifted my skirt up at the back and pulling my thong to one side started to finger my already wet pussy. It felt so good that I could feel myself starting to come which made me suck and wank Erik’s cock even harder.

Not wanting to rush things I eased off and asked if one of them wanted to lick out my pussy. Mark led me across to the sofa and I laid back. He removed my panties. While Erik started to tongue me, Mark released his cock from his trousers and teased me by rubbing the end gently over my lips. His cock is just so suckable that I was soon begging him to put it into my mouth so that I could give him a blow job. He obliged!

I was so horny and desperate to be fucked, I looked at Mark and indicated that I wanted him to put his cock where Erik was still licking and tonguing me. The sensation of the cock in my mouth and the tongue flicking across my clitoris made me shudder with excitement.

I asked Erik to bring his cock to my mouth and Mark wasted no time in getting between my open legs. He rubbed his cock up and down the entrance to my pussy and my clit, then he thrust into me and we fucked each other hard.

Erik stroked himself watching Mark and I fuck. I reached out to him, pulling his cock into my mouth. We continued for a few minutes until Mark pulled his cock out. I stopped sucking Erik and looked at Mark, “I want to see him fuck you” he said.

I told Erik to get on his back. He got down on the sofa, I straddled him, took his cock into my hand and lowered myself onto him. I could hear Mark gasp as he saw Erik’s cock disappear into my hot wet pussy. As I started to move slowly, Mark kissed me and fondled my breasts, I started to stroke his cock in rhythm with me riding Erik.

Mark went behind me and parted the cheeks of my bottom so that he could see Erik’s cock pushing into my pussy. Excited by this he started to wank and asked me if I wanted two cocks at the same time. We had talked about double penetration, it made us so horny and the thought that we were going to actually do it made me come there and then. Mark placed himself over me and gently started to ease himself into me. The sensation of him and Erik both thrusting gently was incredible and I could feel another orgasm starting to build up.

I started to quicken the pace and Mark and Erik’s thrusts became deeper and more urgent. I threw my head back and pushed my breasts out as I could feel myself totally letting go. Mark leant forward and fondled my breasts with one hand while slapping my bottom with the other. He knows I like that.

My pussy was by now soaking wet, I had already come over Erik’s cock and I now wanted to see him come over my tits. Almost at the point of another orgasm myself I took his cock out of my pussy and motioned for him to wank. Mark, sensing what I wanted withdrew his cock, flipped me over and thrust his cock into my pussy. He grabbed my legs by the ankles and pushed them back towards me exposing my pussy even more. His movements became quicker and quicker as he thrust deeper and deeper, watching Erik wank himself over my tits.

I felt that I was going to explode, I could feel Marks cock changing inside me and I knew that he was ready to come too. I reached down and started to caress his balls. Suddenly I experienced the most intense orgasm washing over me in waves, and I could feel Mark releasing his load deep inside my pussy. Erik could see that we had both climaxed together and this was his shoot his spunk over my tits.

I dipped a finger into my pussy and brought my fingers to my mouth so that I could taste a mixture of my pussy juices and Mark’s cum.

Erik, sensing that this was his leave, straightened himself up, thanked us for an incredible experience and went back to the bar to catch up with his friends.

Mark and I then slowly walked back to our hotel, hardly able to believe that we had actually fulfilled one of our fantasies. I told Mark that it had felt great having two cocks in me. We talked about what had happened and by the time we reached the hotel we were so horny again that we had the most incredible fuck ever.

That was a birthday I won’t forget in a hurry, it’s just a pity we hadn’t used the desk – maybe next time!!