Written by Sally-Anne

21 May 2009

Since I had met the bloke, Saturday nights with the girls had become history. When he announced he was going to the British Grand Prix with his mates it was a chance to get back into the old routine, or so I thought.

It all started pretty much as before, lots of wine, lots of chat and flirting, lots of fun. The girls had hit upon a different club to usual, Stars I think it was called.

We had not been in too long before this real hunk of a guy started chatting me up. After a drink and some chat, he took me to the dance floor, a slow number. As he put his arms around me and pulled me close, the hardness of his body had me doing somersaults. Although not in uniform, when he told me he was in the military police it was no real surprise. I think I decided there and then I was going to fuck him that night.

Although I was gagging, I played him along for a while until he said he was hungry and did I want to join him for something to eat. My lusting smile probably told him what I wanted to eat but after a quick farewell to me jealous friends, we walked arm in arm through the barmy summers night to a kebab stall near the station ! Hunky yes, classy ??

We tucked in to our takeaway and headed towards a house his friend had given him use of, arrogant bastard ! It was only about 15 minutes away so we strolled under the stars until we reached a terraced house in student land.

The house was in darkness when we arrived, no embarrassing introductions then ! Matt showed me the bathroom then took me straight to the bedroom which was surprisingly neat and tidy with an inviting double bed.

He wrapped his powerful arms around me an kissed me hard and I think I just melted in his grasp. He carried me to the edge of the bed, slipped off my blouse and had my bra off in a single movement. As he squeezed and kneaded my tits, I unbuttoned his trousers and as they fell to the floor, to my delight he was naked underneath, a true commando ! I squeezed is heavy, hairy balls and nuzzled the end of his cock with my eager tongue. He swelled and hardened in my willing mouth, I didn’t need a tape measure to tell he was a member of the 8” plus club ! I sucked and licked his cock and balls hungrily sliding him in and out of my hot lips lustily.

After a while, he gently pulled himself out, stood me up and took off my skirt and knickers, I had been too busy to notice him removing his shirt and tie.

We were both naked and Matt gently picked me up, lowered me onto the bed the teased me by rubbing his wet swollen end round the outside of my pussy. He kept doing this for ages, then, with exquisite timing, opened my now gagging and soaking pussy with his big hot dick. He just slid in his throbbing end and teased me just a little more then thrust deep and hard into me and I was coming in an instant. As I screamed and writhed wildly, he pumped harder and harder into me and my orgasm increased in intensity. Each time I thought it was over, he just kept shagging me to a new higher level, my screams intensified, I dug my nails into his arse and his back and just kept coming and coming.

After what seemed like forever, he brought me back to earth and was gently screwing me and I was moaning softly, almost purring. However, it soon became apparent that Matt hadn’t come yet and his slow gentle strokes soon began to build up and my hot pussy decided she wanted more although I felt utterly shagged out. My pussy knew best and soon he was taking me back up the elevator of lust, I again lost count of how many floors we had ridden but I was again screaming and scratching and writhing with total abandon.

I had lost all sense of time in a blur and haze of orgasms like never before but eventually as we climbed yet another mountain peak his smooth and masterful control of my body, my very soul began to evaporate as he again thrust into me deeply but let out a deep groan as he finally gave way to his own lust and pumped his hot spunk into me as I climaxed again and again. As he softened inside of me, I felt a strange feeling of elation, that I had been in a momentous battle but eventually won. With that strange thought, I fell into a deep dreamless sleep, utterly shagged out !

In what felt like no time but also like forever, I was woken by Matt gently stroking my head. To my disappointment, he was not naked and ready for more but was fully clothed in dress uniform, he was on parade at some festival and it was time to leave.

Although I was keen to see him again, he was leaving town after the festival and was on an overseas posting the following week, or is that what soldiers tell all the girls !

Anyway, before long, I was taking stroll home in the early morning sun. I had no regrets, I had a fantastic night. A little further on, I felt the familiar feel of spunk dribbling from deep within me and moistening my knickers just as I reminder that I had been well and truly fucked, thanks Matt !