Written by Reading_guy101

19 Dec 2008

This is a true account of my first meeting nearly two years ago.

I had been intrigued by this site since stumbling across it late one night, amazed at how people were so open about their sexual needs and desires. Like so many others before I entered my details and signed up not thinking for one minute where it would lead to.

Having sent a few emails I was pleased to get a response from a couple who lived not far away in Reading. After spending a couple of nights chatting we agreed to meet at a local travel-lodge.

I met up with them in the bar next door and we chatted (quietly) about what lay ahead. Karen was in her late 40\'s and dressed every inch the slut. Her husband was quiet but reassuring and was clearly eager to initiate the meeting further. Having finished our drinks, definitely needed on my part, we headed to our prebooked room. As we left the bar I was aware of a few pairs of eyes following Karen across the room, she was dressed in a tiny corset, tight black skirt and black patent heels and I think those people watching must have had a very good idea what we were up to.

The girl on the desk gave me a sly look as she handed me the key then moved away to serve the next customer.

When we reached the room Karen headed straight to the bathroom to get ready. John, her husband flicked on the TV and we chatted for a couple of minutes. He said that he was off to meet another couple the next day on his own.

Karen soon appeared wearing next to nothing. The looked like a complete slut.

Catching my eye she slowly walked towards me, her hands running across her ample chest down to her panties which rode up between her lips as she moved across the room. Sensing my nervousness, she pushed me back onto the bed and playfully \"fell\" on top of me. Karen, it turned out, was quite dominant and didn\'t hang about.

\"Lets start with you sucking my hot pussy\" she said, and with that sat up and spun around so you was straddling my face. This was not quite what I had expected but had little time to think as she pulled her panties to one side and lowered her hairy pussy onto my face. My hands were above my head so she had effectively pinned me down. I felt her hands down my jeans and she grabbed my hard cock - hot and ready.

It was at this point that things changed somewhat.....

John, who until now had just been watching TV took something out of a bag and came over to the bed. With two straps he roughly tied my hands back to the head board and

let out a quiet laugh when I winced at the pain.

Karen was busy grinding her pussy into my mouth and I was doing my best to keep her moaning. Her juices were flowing and I could feel the wetness running down my cheeks.

Whilst a little concerned, I figured that the straps were just Karen exercising her dominant character, but this line of thinking was misplaced as I caught a glimpse of John stripping off. Meanwhile Karen was pushing down my jeans and then I felt something around my ankles and realised that my feet were being tied down too. I moved my feet but there was almost no slack and I realised that I was pretty much there for good.

Karen raised her hips, looked down and gave me a wry smile. \"Now I\'m wet, it\'s time to fill me up!\" She turned round to face me and hovered her cunt above my cock for a couple of seconds before sitting down forcefully, buying my hard cock deep into her pussy. Her pussy was hot but certainly not tight and I thought that she must have seen alot of action in her time. Although not really able to move I grinded my body against her her breast spilling out of her top and slapping my wet face with each push.

Just as I was starting to enjoy this slut riding my cock, John climbed onto the bed. \" You don;t mind if John joins us do you\" asserted Karen and with that he straddled my face and place his flaccid cock over my mouth. \"Just suck it\" he ordered quietly and Karen looked at me agreeing that I should do just that.

I sucked this guys cock for about five minutes, probably the worst blow-job of all time but I was not into it at all. He still managed to get hard and after a few more minutes moved round to behind Karen and I felt his cock rubbing up against my own. Clearly one cock just wasn\'t enough for this whore and seconds later John had slid his big dick up next to mine. Together we fucked Karen for 15 minutes. She was loving the sensation and kept yelling for John to fuck her harder and stretch her further. He came first and I could feel the rhythmic throbbing seconds before he drenched us with his seed.

John then asked if I wanted his cock in my arse - I declined and thought for a moment that he might just do it anyway, but Karen intervened by pushing him away and working my cock until I too filled her with my cum.

My last unfortunate task was to lay still while our mingled juices flowed from her gaping hole over my face. I shut my mouth but John pinched my nose so I couldn\'t breathe. I ended up swallowing a few moutfulls but most just ran down my face into the bed sheets.

In all it was not the experience I had hoped for and they left quickly, thanking me for being a sport. I felt rather dirty and quickly gathered my stuff together and left.

The girl on the front desk is another story!!!