Written by Southhantsman

31 Oct 2009

Hi, I thought Id share this story with you all, it’s a true one and happened last Thursday! Id meet a married lady ( Ill call her K as her hubby doesn’t know she is doing this) she is 32 and had joined SH a few days ago as she wasn’t happy with her sex life at home and was looking for some more experiences. He had been told about SH by a work colleague previously but hadn’t looked up until now. Out of the blue I got a email from her saying she liked my profile and would like to know some more, I was online at the time and replied to her mail (as you do !) and we swapped e mail address and arranged to chat off site on msn, .

After a couple of hours chatting we decided to meet the next morning at 9.45 at a well known local view point. The next day came and at the arranged time I was parked up and received a text from K saying she was on her way. K pulled up next to my car and got in to the passenger seat next to me , she was stunning , we chatted some more and talked about what she was looking for and what she wanted to get out of it, basically she was in a marriage with a crap sex life and had got to a point where she had decided she wanted new experiences with no ties, we agreed that she was happy to learn new things and I was happy to help her . We moved off separately to another quieter car park and when there jumped into the back of my car , agreeing to have a little play and see where it would go as it was only 1000 am in the morning……..

We kissed deeply as my hands wandered over her amazing huge boobs, deep strong kissing, with K responding , biting my lips and eagerly accepting my probing tongue, her tits felt fantastic and in no time at all my hands where under her jumper and releasing them from her bra, I pushed her jumper over her breasts and lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked deeply whilst massaging them with my hands, K was loving the attention and was reaching down to undo my jeans , after helping her with my belt, her warm hands where wrapped around my hard cock, gently rubbing and feeling me all over. She lowered her head towards me and took my cock into her mouth , sucking me and licking me, K was unstoppable she just couldn’t get enough of my cock, but after a few minutes of sucking I said now its your turn as I didn’t want to cum too soon.

She pushed her jeans down and my fingers found her soft shaven pussy, gently rubbing over her clit, along her lips and occasionally dipping in to her velvety now soaking pussy. She laid back into the corner of the car and spread her legs wide as I slipped two fingers deep inside her and began to gently massage her G spot , she loved it , saying “oh fuck, oh fuck “ over and over again , I couldn’t believe how noisy she was , she couldn’t get enough and was very soon was coming hard. Her head was back, cheeks flushed as I bought her off with my fingers. “Fuck me please, Fuck me now in my wet cunt, I need you now “

I slid a condom over my cock and fed it into her hot wet pussy, she gasped as I thrust deep into her, loving the feeling of fucking her, the naughtiness of shagging in the back of my car mid morning, too soon I was cumming, there was no turning back as I was too far gone , with a few more thrusts the spunk exploded from my cock filling the condom as I shot my load deep into her pussy. After I pulled out and carefully removed the condom , K said lick my clit , which I willingly obliged and soon she was once again heading for a powerful orgasm, as she got close I fed my fingers back into her swollen just fucked cunt and she came to a another huge shuddering climax……….

K and I chatted after before getting dressed, she had loved it and wanted so much more, she hadn’t had a shag since July and was in need of a lot more sex which she wasn’t getting at home, she said she wanted to try out all sorts of things and would love me to help her , We have agreed to meet again on Tuesday evening and possibly looking at a hotel on 2nd November……. Ill keep you posted