Written by Needcocknow

31 Oct 2009

I knew about swinging heaven from a colleague at work, but never thought what was going to happen would happen. I was curious, wanted some fun and thought what the hell and registered.

It was Wednesday 21st October about 11pm. I had a look around the site to see what it was all about, looked at some profiles and liked the look of S (especially the pic in his public folder!) so I winked him. Not long after he sent me a message, but I couldn’t reply. So I paid the subscription and replied back. We sent a few messages and then exchanged email addresses so we could chat on msn.

We both went online chatted for a couple of minutes and then we turned the web cams on. I’d never done anything like this before and didn’t want to show my face straight away. I was in my pj’s and the pj top showed alot of my boobs, so he got an eyeful of those first!! We chatted for longer and he suggested a meet at some point, I suggested the next day. We arranged to meet at 9:45am in a very public area.

The next morning came and I waited for my husband to leave the house and jumped straight into the shower. I knew we would be playing with each other, so decided to shave my pussy so it was nice and smooth for him. I was running a bit late as my husband didn’t leave for work at the normal time, so texted S to tell him I was on my way.

I was really nervous and very naive, but thought what the hell – it was broad daylight. I got into the passenger seat of his car – I really didn’t know what to say at first and can’t remember who spoke first, but we chatted about what we wanted and why. Then we decided to go somewhere a little more private.

When we got there, I got into the passenger seat again and we started kissing really passionately and decided to move into the back of the car, only to play at first. I felt a little un-nerved that we were doing this in broad daylight and anyone could see us. I remember him unfastening my bra and playing with my nipples and biting them nice and hard, then we were both undressed. He was really tall and had an amazing body. I remember sucking his rock hard cock, then he was licking my clit, his tongue felt amazing there, then he put his fingers inside my very wet pussy.

I’d never felt anything like it before. I had no idea you could feel that from just two fingers. I was so wet and he kept playing with my g-spot, he started gently and built up to playing really hard – it felt amazing. I came like I’d never cum before, then I wanted him inside me.

He put the condom on and dived into my dripping pussy, he was fucking me hard and deep (just the way I like it – I love being fucked hard) and it felt unbelievable, then he shot his load inside me. I was being fucked by a complete stranger in broad daylight on the back seat of his car and the car was all steamy. I felt so naughty, but so liberated. I wanted more though and told him I wanted him to lick my clit, which he did straight away. Then his fingers were in my pussy again and he was playing with my g-spot nice and hard now and I just exploded.

After we finished, we sat there chatting and we were still naked and I didn’t realise I could feel so liberated. We talked about meeting again and possibly going to a hotel too. I looked online for hotels nearby, but not too close to home and messaged S to tell him what I found. I decided instead of sending messages, it would be easier to give him my normal mobile number last Sunday. The whole day was spent sending naughty and imaginative texts. For a couple of days I was permanently wet. We arranged the hotel day too. I couldn’t wait just till then I needed more soon, so we arranged to meet last Tuesday too. This time it was going to be at night and very naughty. I told him that I want to learn and experience new things and he’s very happy to oblige!