Written by Jenny

11 Aug 2009

As a female truck driver I am very much in need of an IUD. My life isn't very 9-5 so I'd forget to take the pill each day and that would be quite bad as I sleep away from home quite regularly. I sleep alone but I play with others.

I tend to do lots of long distance stuff, taking loads to and from Europe as well as domestic UK hauling. I can often find myself all alone on some foreign truck stop and in need of my legally required and well earned rest break.

My favourite stops are in Germany and Poland as they have the best sausage in my experience. I don't normally have to work very hard to make my pick up. Most truck drivers are men a long way from home and they always want to speak to a woman, especially another driver. Once we're talking it doesn't take long to get them back into my cab. Often it's just an offer to show a photograph or something else I have in there.

I have never known a man to back away when he's in my cab and I lean over to kiss him, or start to unbuckle his belt. Last week I was at a truck stop near Stuttgart and had been chatting with a chap called Hans after eating dinner when I offered to show him something in my cab and made my move almost as soon as the door was closed.

I pulled down his trousers and pants and pulled out a nice meaty cock and began to suck. He was clearly quite surprised but he didn't move away and within seconds he had a very impressive hard-on and soon began to leak his sweet precum into my mouth. Yum. After a few minutes he reached under my skirt, pulled down my knickers and began to finger my very wet pussy before he moved down to his knees and started to lick and suck me.

Soon we moved into the small bed at the back of the cab and began to 69 each other before moving around and bending over the bed with my knees on the floor. He got behind me and inserted his lovely German white sausage into my slick pussy and started pumping away. Soon he was nice and deep and keeping up a nice, pleasant rhythm.

The combination of his stretching me, the rhythm and my own fingers up front helped me towards a climax and I started to spasm around his lovely pole. That set him off and soon enough he was filling my womb with his sperm. Wonderbar!

We stopped and relaxed for a little bit before starting again on round two. I used my mouth the clean my juices and his cum from his cock and then wanked him off into my mouth, getting a lovely taste of his thick salty man sauce. A perfect work-out at the end of a hard day's driving.

I normally manage to pick up at least one man each journey. I suppose the laws of supply and demand are in my favour a truck stops. It's a tiring job but it does have it's rewards.