Written by davidgunn

30 May 2011

I have had an add on this site for some time, looking for couples and ladies that would like to be filmed with little success, that was until last week. I was contacted by a lady called Judy (name changed). She told me that her husband was constantly watching porn on the net, mainly of ladies masturbating and she wanted to make a film for him. She told me that since he had been watching the films he hadn’t been interested in her. We arranged to meet at a coffee bar to talk things over. I got to the coffee bar early, got a coffee and waited not knowing what Judy looked like I had to rely upon her recognising me from my photo on my add. The clock clicked past the arranged time I thought I would give it an hour thinking it was another wind up. Twenty minutes past the pre-arranged time in walked this stunning lady. Slim dressed in a black skirt with black jacket, white blouse and black heals. She had shoulder length blond hair, high cheekbones gorgeous lips with ruby red lipstick she told me later that she was 47 yrs old. She smiled at me and came over to my table and introduced herself. I got up to buy her a coffee on my way back to the table I noticed she had undone her jacket and could tell she was not wearing a bra her tits looked nice and firm under her blouse with a faint outline of her nipples. We chatted for a while just normal chitchat and then we got down to business. She told me about her husband’s porn habits and she wanted him to see what he was missing and could be as naughty as the women he watched. To cut a long story short we arranged that I visited her house the next morning as her husband was leaving for London early the next morning and would be away for a couple of days giving her plenty of time to get her film right. We finished off our coffee, before leaving we swapped phone numbers and she gave me her address arranging to meet at 10 o’clock the next morning. The following morning I arrived at Judy’s detached bungalow on time, Judy answered the door wrapped in her bathrobe. She showed me into the kitchen and made me a coffee. We chatted about what she should do as this was her first time at being filmed. I told her that it would be a turn on if she did a strip down to her underwear and then start to masturbate. I asked her if she had any toys. She smiled and said yes and that she had been to Ann Summers the previous morning and that is why she was late for our meeting. Before she left to get dressed she showed me into the conservatory as it was a very sunny day and that’s where she would like to be filmed. It didn’t take me long to set my gear up as I didn’t need any lighting. I had my camera running when Judy walked into the conservatory. Her hair and makeup were perfect her perfume seemed to fill the air. She was dressed in a red mini skirt, red see-through sheer nylon blouse, red high heal shoes. She started to sway her hips running her hands over her body, lifting her skirt slightly giving a glimpse of the tops of her red hold ups. Smiling at the camera she slowly started to undo the buttons of her blouse, every now and again teasing her nipples with her fingers. Shrugging her shoulders she slipped off her blouse her hands massaging her tits, her nipples were protruding through her fingers. She dropped her hands down to the zipper of her skirt undoing the zip and wriggling out of her skirt letting it drop to the floor, she kicked it away. She was swaying in front of the camera stood in heals red hold ups and very small red see-through panties; I could clearly see her shaved cunt. She sat in the chair and draped her legs over the arms. She dropped her right hand and started to rub her cunt on the outside of her panties I could clearly see her juices seeping through I zoomed in for a close up. The conservatory had filled with the smell of her perfume and her sex. She lifted her hips and slipped off her panties. She placed her fingers either side of her cunt and opened it up, she was very wet with cunt juice running down and over her arsehole. She reached down beside the chair and rummaged about in a bag producing a silver bullet vibrator, a low buzzing nose started as she switched it on. With a gasp she started to apply the bullet to her clit. With a loud moan she came snapping her legs shut and bucking her hips grinding the bullet into her clit. I have to admit my cock was rock hard and in some need of attention. Judy calmed down a bit and said she was going to change into a different outfit. This gave me a chance to reposition my camera as the sun had moved. I set up the camera and moved the chair so that the lighting would be right. It was whilst I was moving the chair that I noticed some movement on the other side of the fence that surrounded her garden. Judy entered the conservatory dressed in her bathrobe holding two cups of coffee. Whilst we drank our coffee Judy watched what I had shot so far. I told her that her husband should enjoy the film, at that she smiled and said I hope so……..to be continued.