Written by jd

28 Sep 2007

It all started a few months ago when I had been in London, out partying with friends, when I met this guy. I had spotted him staring at me from across the bar his eyes boring so deeply into me that it felt like he was reading into my soul. He beckoned me over with just a tilt of the head and a raised brow. I was strangely drawn to him and felt myself heading over there before I had even registered that I had left my friends and started walking. He gestured to the chair next to him and I sat. Not a single word spoken. He began to look at me closely trailing his eyes over my shapely curves his eyes lingering in the fullness of my cleavage. A smile spreading across his face.

"You shouldn't be wearing that" he said.

I looked down at my clothes, my knee length sensible skirt and plain and simple v-neck and crappy crappy shoes. I had to admit they were a little boring but then that was me just a little boring really, very staid, well on the outside anyway. Inside I wasn't so sure. When I was night my imagination would run fucking wild where vivid pictures and scenarios would flash through my mind. I would dream myself in all manner of dangerous and highly sexed situations. I had often wondered if this was "normal" if everyone was so different on the inside than out, if others had these sexual visions, dreams of the most fucking amazing raw animal sex or if they just had they usual images of all the hearts and flowers, love and romance stuff that featured so rarely mine.

"Tell me about yourself" he said "tell me hopes and aspirations". I looked at him blankly I didn't know where to start what to say.

"um I don't really know" I stuttered.

He laughed and said "One night with me and you will know all that you need to, come on were leaving".

I don't know why but I didn't argue with him this total stranger this man that I didn't know. I hadn't even asked his name. I just stood up and followed him blindly to wherever it was that he wanted to take me. he summoned a cab outside and we got in. As I sat next to him he put his hand between my knees and slowly slid his hand up between my thighs. The touch of his hand was electric I began to breath faster and faster as his hand rose higher. His fingers pulled aside my knickers and I felt his hot touch on my clit. 'What the fuck am I doing?' ran through my head again and again but I couldn't move but to spread my legs wider and it matched the widening of my eyes as he slipped a finger into my tight wet cunt. I gasped out loud and as I did I saw the cab drivers eyes flick to his mirror, a knowing smirk spreading across his face. He saw it too and let out a small laugh as his thumb began to work on my clit. As he pushed his fingers deeper and deeper into me, moving them all around inside me I felt myself start to shake and I suddenly didn't care about the cab drivers prying eyes as I started to lose myself. Focusing on nothing but him and his hand as he plunged his fingers into me again and again as I came hard and fast my cunt squeezing his fingers tight holding them inside me as my hot juices rushed over them. As he pulled his hand away he left a hot wet trail down my thigh. The burning heat a reminder of what he had just done, of my total abandonment of my reason and the new and exciting feeling of wanton release and anticipation of what else was to come. We pulled up outside a tall building and got out of the cab and headed up the steps to the entrance. As we reached the door it was opened by a man dressed as a butler almost with a most sombre look on his face. We went inside and I looked around. I was in a long entrance hall with doors leading off to rooms on both sides and staircase a the far end that rose and twisted off above them. He led through the hall and up the staircase. Again he said nothing. I began to feel foolish almost childlike in my naivety but still I followed him along the landing and into the room at the end. He opened the door and again with the tilt of his head he gestured for me to enter. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as I stepped forward into the unknown. As he closed the door behind me I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw before me a massive four poster bed the walls were tall and a deep shade of red the black and mirrored ceiling giving a weird impression of distance whilst seeming to be constantly closing in on top of you. There was a large wardrobe and a chest of drawers to one side and a bedside table to the other. Candles were all around the flames making our shadows dance across the walls casting eerie distorted reflections of what was taking place. I stood motionless in the room except for my eyes that kept looking uncertainly around me. He walked toward me and raised my arms above my head. In one swift movement he reached down and pulled my sweater off up over my head and tossed it to one side. Still he said nothing he just kept looking at me with those piercing eyes. He walked behind me and unfastened my bra that fell to the floor quickly followed my skirt. He then stood in front of me once more and kneeled before me, his hands on my hips he hooked his fingers through the sides of my panties and slowly slid them down my thighs. As I stepped out of them he ran his hands up my legs pulling me closer toward him. He pressed his face into my pussy and I felt his tongue and hot breath as he gave me one long and deliberate lick. I almost lost it as my legs began to quiver slightly. He rose licking the shimmer of my juices from his lips as he looked me up and down. He walked over to the wardrobe and began to look inside. He pulled out a black PVC corset and came toward me. Still silent he wrapped the corset around my waist and I saw that it left my breasts totally exposed as it sat tightly underneath them. He began to draw in the laces tighter and tighter I had to lean forward and grasp hold of one of the bed post to steady myself. He kept pulling it tighter and tighter till I felt like I could hardly breathe then I felt him press against the bare cheeks of my arse as he tied the laces. the feel of his hard erection still lingered as he stepped away he went to the drawers and pulled out a pair of stockings that he passed to me. With raise of his brow I silently put them on, the silkiness of them smooth against my skin. He went back toward the wardrobe he bent down and selected something from the bottom. I saw that it was a pair of shoes so high that I wondered if I would be able to stand in them. He knelt before me again and slipped my feet into them I had to put my hands on his shoulders to stop me from falling over and as I did so he licked my pussy again I let out a soft moan. The only sound that had entered this room since we had entered. I stood uneasily at first like a newly born foal, until I regained my balance almost on tiptoe in the shoes that he had chosen. He took my hand and led the to the bed and pushed me back onto it he slowly began to unbutton his shirt as he looked down at me and once that was gone he undid his thick belt and leather jeans his massive purple headed cock now totally visible and imposing loomed above me casting its long shadow across my stomach. he came towards me and I began to slid myself down the bed he knelt on the edge of the bed and reached toward me and his hand stroked my hair and then he guided my head down towards his huge cock. I opened my mouth and he slid straight in deep down my throat almost choking me. He loosened his grip and began to entwine his fingers through my hair as I started to suck my head moving up and down slowly at first my tongue massaging his cock and handle his balls as I did so. Every so often I would flick my tongue across the swollen purple head and give his cock a hot soft long lick or suck ever so gently on his balls. Now his moans began to fill the room and as his moans became louder his grip on my hair became tighter and he started to move my head working my mouth up and down and up and down his throbbing cock then he suddenly pulled me clear away and threw me back onto the bed as moved himself over me he pushed apart my legs with his as lowered himself to me. I reached down and took his cock in my hand slowly I began to rub the head of his cock on my engorged and aching clit he watched as his cock became shiny and wet as my readiness for him became obvious. I eased his now fucking massive cock into me and he began to push himself into me I cried out as he slid himself all the way in pushing in as deep as he could I pressed my hips against him and raised myself up my hands on his arse pulling him toward me he started to fuck me slowly rolling his hips sliding himself in and out of my hot dripping wet pussy. I could feel him pulsing inside me his balls slapping against me as he picked up the pace he started getting harder and harder and he took my hands and pinned my wrists above his head his face pressed close to mine he started to kiss me hungrily our tongues exploring each other with fervent passion my tits pressed firmly into his chest he slowed and raised himself up he turned me over and now kneeling on the bed once more me pulled my naked arse up toward him . I started to pull away fearful of him and what he may do but he gently guided me back toward him as he began to rub his cock up and down my pussy and each time getting closer and closer he moved easily and I felt my juices begin to run down my leg I was so wet for him yet that was something different I had never let anyone do anything like this before. I started to feel myself getting more and more turned on by this stranger the quicker he slid his cock over me the the more my excitement grew. Then he began ever so slowly to push himself into my arse. I was scared now and I caught my breath as a short and new pain quickly rippled through me as he pushed and slipped all the way in and then was motionless as he stroked the back of head as I got used to this new and strange feeling. I began to relax as a different feeling started to wash over me one of a wanting almost an urgency to find out and experience more. I turned my head and looked back at him into his eyes and he saw that i was ready. He moved slowly and gently back and forth with me gasping and quietly crying out with every stroke. His hand now moved round me and he began to work my clit I could feel my wetness on his hands he started moving his fingers into me in time with his careful strokes and I started to cum my moans became louder and louder as he got quicker and quicker the pleasure and pain together became almost unbearable I could feel him had and throbbing with every movement his balls tight and ready to explode as they banged against me. His hand flew from my cunt as he grabbed my long hair in both his hands as he made a hard and final slam into me I came to a screaming climax and I shouted out as an orgasm like I had never felt before ripped through every part of my being. He slid his arm round my waist and held me against him his face pressed to the back of my neck I collapsed on the bed and we lay like that for a while the weight of his body a comfort against the realisation of the truth in what he said as he whispered in my ear that I had found the real me and that that was who I really am. We lay back in the bed and he began to tell me what he did and that he had chosen me to help him in his work. His work was basically to teach girls learn how to fuck. They were bought to him by their men so that they could learn how to properly pleasure a man.