Written by exploringcple

27 Mar 2011

This happened in my first marriage before I knew I was a real slut.

I was married young and in my first job I had become friends with one of the girls. She and I went out every couple of weeks after work shopping and the like, occasionally finishing with a glass of wine at a bar or her place. So going out with her as far as my first husband was concerned was normal.

It was her birthday one Friday. She and few of our work colleges, plus her other friends ended up going for a meal after work and then onto a bar. At the end of the evening we ended up back at her place with a few of us plus some of her other friends outside work.

We were in the lounge and one of her male friends was hitting on me. With the drinks and him paying me so much attention we ended up in the spare bedroom together, he undressed me whilst kissing me, it all happend so quick. Before I knew it he went down on me, something my husband had never done, it sent me wild. As I was catching my breath he was inside me pounding away, it was wonderful. After a few good cums of my own he was cumming inside of me at the same time as me. I then had a rush of guilt as I realised what I had done and my husband and I were trying for a baby.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned up and went home. My husband was in bed already when I got in. I had a quick shower and got into bed which woke him up. My first husbands idea of foreplay is are you awake, he rolled over and started kissing me and slipped into me. He did remark that I was wet. He came quickly, rolled over and went to sleep.

I was in bed, with cum dribbling out realising that I shouldn't feel guilty as I had experienced more enjoyment from sex with someone that knew what they were doing, also I have never come so much in one night. On the flip side I thought if I was to become pregnant that my husband had a chance of fertilising me. I then fingered my very wet pussy to orgasm whilst my husband slept next to me thinking that I have just had sex with 2 men in the space of a few hours.

For all you reading this, I didn't get pregnant. I think this event made me realise that there was more to life and sex was a major part of it. I did meet the guy a few more times over the space of a few weeks.