Written by Pamish

8 Jan 2014

My husband (Paul) and I (Michelle) started swinging a couple of years ago now when he persuaded me to partake in a 3 some with a friend of his. I was very much against the idea at first but once we discussed the idea I conceded to give it a go thinking that he would get cold feet before anything happened. I have to confess that the idea of having 2 guys did appeal to me sexually though I was more concerned how it would affect our relationship. As it turned out I was wrong and soon realised that he was not going to chicken out and we ended up having a somewhat clumsy 3 some with his mate (Jason). Paul and I loved the experience and strangely found that our relationship was strengthened and more open following the experience. Since then we have only met a few couples mainly from the web and one who we met by sheer chance whilst on holiday.

I am now 35 and Paul is 42, we have been married for 8 years now and are just your average couple with normal lives. Over the Christmas break we decided to visit a club we had heard great things about since we had some rare time off work together for a change. We were both quite excited and arrived at the club quite early. When we arrived we given the usual tours etc and were impressed with the facilities and general layout of the club and felt sure we would not be disappointed. The club gradually got busier throughout the evening with a good mix of couples and single guys.

We chatted to a few couples and guys in the bar area briefly and found everyone to be friendly and courteous. Paul suggested that we go through and check out the Jacuzzi which was lovely but very warm so we did not spend too much time in there. There were some private rooms and a big communal play area near to the Jacuzzi. A couple of the beds around the play area were occupied so we decided to generally chill out and take in some of the action around us. The area seemed to fill up quite quickly especially once two of the couples started to play together. A good few of the single guys were littered around the room watching the action, all were very respectful and kept their distance until they were invited to join the party.

Paul and I found it very horny watching the fun which got me really in the mood. We steadily started playing, really just some petting initially. I could see a few of the guys were watching us as well as the group which again I found incredibly horny. I asked Paul if we should put on a bit of a show for them which we did. Paul performed oral on me, I performed oral on him then we adopted the 69 position. I could see that a couple of the guys had moved closer to us for a better view though they did not pester us. Once Paul had made me come with his fingers and through oral we sat back and watched the action around us. One guy approached us and asked if we wanted some company, “not just yet thanks” I said politely, he accepted that and moved off.

Paul and I talked as we watched the action, in particular a very attractive woman who had the undivided attention of around 4 guys and seemed to be having a wonderful time. The atmosphere was incredible and I could not ever remember feeling as horny as I did that night. We must have lay there watching for almost an hour watching the comings and goings. We headed through to the bar for a couple more drinks which we took back through to the play area. We watched some more of the goings on as we enjoyed our drinks.

We decided to act out one my fantasies which we had discussed before deciding to visit the club, Paul put a blindfold on me, it was one of those free ones you get on long haul flights and started to massage me on the bed. After a few minutes I felt another pair of hands on my body and had absolutely no idea whose hands they were. The feeling was amazing especially as they turned me over so I was lay on my back and massaged my front. I felt a hand glide between my thighs and brush my pussy a few times again I had no idea as to who owned the hands. I could feel that one guy was one side and Paul was the other side of me. By that time they were concentrating on my erogenous zones and I felt first one then 2 fingers sliding in my pussy. I reached out and felt my way to their cocks and had one in each hand. They both felt very similar and I could not differentiate who was who and neither of them said a word. I then felt some movement the a warm breath and tongue on my pussy, I reached down and stroked the head of who was giving me oral and when I felt his hair I knew it was not Paul.

He fingered my pussy and flicked my clitty with his tongue and it felt wonderful, I manoeuvred so I could perform oral on Paul who moved positions to assist me. Oh my god it was fantastic having my pussy stimulated by a total stranger and sucking a juicy cock at the same time. They swapped places a couple of times and made me come between them. I took off my blindfold and was pleased to see it was a really cute young guy who we had briefly chatted to in the bar earlier in the evening. I also noticed that there were a couple of guys and couple around the room which had been watching us.

Paul asked our company to lay on the bed and positioned me on my hands and knees. I took the guys cock in my mouth and Paul started to fuck me from behind. Paul asked the guy if we wanted to swap places and he accepted, Paul passed him a condom “got to wear one of these I’m afraid” he said. I remember they guy saying that we always did anyway and said he had brought some, anyway he took position behind me and eased his cock in to me slowly, I gripped my hips and started fucking me slowly initially. His pace quickened after a while and I sensed a little before that he started to groan that he was about to come. He let out a long deep groan as he came before flopping out of me, he thanked me for a great time and disappeared. I noticed Paul gesturing to one of the guys who was watching us, Paul passed him a condom and I continued sucking Paul with my arse in the air.

A few moments later I felt the guy clumsily trying to penetrate me, holy fuck did he have a big cock I had to tell him to go steady at one point and though it was not painful it certainly smarted when he got carried away, I was awesome though I have to say. He fucked me steadily for ages making me come before pulling out, whipping the condom off and coming over my arse. We cleaned ourselves up and I was deeply satisfied, very deeply satisfied. We had another drink in the bar area before wondering around to see what else was going on. I asked Paul if he fancied another dip in the Jacuzzi so off we trotted.

We were joined by a really pleasant very young guy who, I ended up giving him a blow job once we established that he was old enough, whilst he sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, he seemed to appreciate it almost as much as Paul enjoyed watching. We were about to leave when a gorgeous guy who again we had had a few words with earlier invited us to play with him and his wife who was really stunning. By then I was quite tired and thoroughly satisfied though Paul seemed keen so I agreed, it seemed only fair really.

We went off to one of the private rooms with them. The guy said that they had enjoyed watching us playing and that they had had a really quiet night. I don’t play with women it just not really my thing but I do like to see Paul pleasuring and being pleasured by other women. We had talked briefly and established what we were all comfortable with. They started to play together initially while Paul and I watched on, they both had wonderfully hot bodies and clearly worked out. They asked us to join with them after a short time, I started kissing the guy and Paul massaged the girl as she wanked his cock. He was a great kisser though we soon progressed and I began giving him oral while he fingered my pussy. If I was not in the mood earlier it did not last long and I was soon raring to go, especially when I watched the girl wrapping her legs around Paul’s neck as he performed oral on her.

She was very vocal and seemed to be enjoying his technique by the noises she was making. I don’t know if it was for effect or whether Paul genuinely made her come in just a couple of minutes of giving her oral. They adopted the 69 position with Paul under her for a while and I could see Paul’s tongue darting in and out of her cute pussy. The guy and I switched positions and performed oral on me. We switched back to our own partners and wanked Paul as we kissed and watched him start to screw her from behind. Paul was good and hard so I whispered for him to join them in a spit roast. He moved across and she eagerly took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. I was quite contented to watch them for the moment. She stopped sucking Paul for a while and asked me if I was ok and said that she did not want to monopolise the guys, I reassured her I was ok for the time being and she continued to suck Paul while her hubby fucked her.

She asked me if it was ok for them to DP her, I was a bit surprised that she thought she had to ask me that but I smiled and told her to use Paul as she saw fit and that he would not do anything we were not comfortable with. Paul popped a rubber on and between them they eventually arrange the logistics. Paul was lay on the bed and she straddled him for her hubby to enter her from behind. It took a bit of patience but they eventually managed to squeeze both their cocks in to her pussy but try as they might they couldn’t get it to work for long before one popped out. They eventually gave up and resumed the spit roast with Paul fucking her. Again she almost yelled the place down as she came and squirted all over the place so I was sure she was not faking. She climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor and got the guys to sit back on the edge of the bed, I joined her to help giving them oral. Her announced he was “gonna come” first and sprayed my face and boobs. Paul soon followed suite and obliged her request to come in her mouth as I cleaned myself up and tasted the last few drops from her hubby.

We cleaned ourselves up and agreed to meet them in the bar for a last drink before we had to head home. We dressed and had a quick drink with them, we had a fantastic night which far surpassed all our expectations and neither of us can wait to go back. I was more than a little tender the following morning but it was well worth it. We got a great message from one of the guys we had played with as he recognised our profile on here, thanking us and we have been in contact with the couple too, so maybe we can all repeat the night again soon.