Written by Ropelovers

19 Jul 2010

He had asked for her to not be wearing underwear when we met him in the bar. By text the previous week he had also asked her to shave completely. His passing instruction to her before the meet was for me to teasingly caress my fingers under her skirt along her inner thigh until she parted her legs just enough.

We were sitting in a quiet corner at the back of the bar when Rob came over to our table and introduced himself with a hand shake with me and a kiss with Ros. I noticed him giving her an up and down glance to take her all in. We ordered some drinks and got chatting about our introductions to the world of swinging and the website where we met. I could tell Ros liked him as she relaxed into the conversation and the thought of what was going to follow was getting me hard. Just to help, mid conversation, my hand found its way on to her leg and started caressing up her inner thigh. She was trying to breath and talk normally, as she parted her thighs invitingly for my fingers. Her skirt started to creep up her thighs as my hand and fingers found her damp, freshly shaved lips. Rob realised I was acting out his wish and placed his hand on her other thigh as well. She's struggled to converse as my one finger found its way between her lips and into her pussy and another finger landed on her clit.

There were always people coming and going around the bar and it was getting busier all the time and the barmaid came over once or twice to check for empty glasses. The best bit was how far out of her comfort zone Ros was. This public playing and no underwear was out of her comfort zone yet I could see and feel how nervously excited she was. Occasionally she flinched and clamped her thighs, but most of the time left them just far enough apart so that either Rob or I or both of us could caress the insides of her thighs and brush her pussy lips. In different ways, all three of us where in our element.

Finally, after a round of drinks each, we suggested leaving the bar and walking back to Rob's flat that was just around the corner. Ros flirted with us both on the short walk back.

At the flat, Rob got us some drinks. I left Ros to sit on the sofa so Rob good sit next to her and they could get acquainted. I sat in the arm chair. Ros was still in her top and skirt and no underwear. When Rob came into the lounge with drinks he sat on the low coffee table opposite Ros in the middle of the room and picked up the conversation from earlier. Clearly he was a bit shy but fortunately I had told Ros to initiate when ever she wanted too. I like this sometimes. Her being in control. It always surprises me how my MILF, gets into her slutty sharing role. Perhaps a little to well sometimes. Well after about 15 minutes of idle chat she was clearly needing some physical contact and unprovoked and unexpectedly she jumped up out off the sofa, flung her arms around Rob and stuck her tongue down his throat, squatting onto his lap. Fortunately he wasn't too shocked and responded just as we'd hoped. His hands were all over her back and round to her tits and in her hair. Her hand grabbed his crutch as they snogged and grouped each other lustfully. I stood up and untied her top from around her neck and peeled her top off. Tits free he groped and squeezed and suck her nipples as she released his cock from his trousers. A week of texting clearly had them both very horny. Her head dropped to his lap as she tasted this new cock for the first time. She was standing up bent over sucking his cock as he was still sitting on the table with his trousers round his ankles. How could I resist. I raised her skirt and slipped two fingers up her soaking wet cunt. Having found their way home I pumped them furiously as she sucked harder on Robs cock. But I was only teasing her, warming her up, I released my own cock and spread her cheeks and slipped myself in. I like a cheeky little fuck at the beginning like this. But still teasing her, and me. I pulled out and zipped up. 'Ros, go and get changed' I instructed. She had bought some sexy underwear and I thought this would be a good moment for Rob an I too strip and wait for a bit of show. I love watching her lap dance a guy and me for that matter!

Ros reappeared wearing her yellow and black lacy bra, gstring, stockings and black high heels. Wholly fuck, Rob and I both looked stunned and horny. She was having the desired effect on both of us. She walked into the room and with music on in the background shimmed over towards Rob. She danced in front of him using him as a kind of pole to hold onto and squat up and down against, hands on his body and frequently brushing his cock and cupping his balls.