Written by Paulrcouple

15 Mar 2014

Hi this is about a meeting i had on Friday night with a young guy.

We have an add wanting a young guy to meet us both for adult fun Jane likes younger guys and i love to watch join in and cam.

Jane had gone to stay at our daughters on Friday back Saturday afternoon we had a reply to our add from a young guy who wanted to meet that night lived not far away and could meet for a drink and a chat and see how it goes.

Told him Jane was away till Saturday afternoon he said ok so we had a quick chat he said he was called Paul like me said he had meet a few couples of here and he was bi curious.

Asked if he was too young at 22 i said no not at all thats what Jane likes he said he would get back to us later i told him we can meet any time meet for a drink and take it from there he he said ok will get back.

Then a email on here came with his pics on one of his face and two in the nude he looked good pity Jane was away.

About 11 30pm was back on here feeling horny when he got back to me said he was in town on his own did i fancy a meet and a chat said his mates had left him and gone into Manchester.

I Said it was a bit late he said Wetherspoons were he was is open late he was on his phone to this site so it was a bit hard for him to chat i said ok only 10 mins from our house.

So had a quick wash and off first time for years i have met a guy on my own well it was only a drink.

Went into the pub was busy but full of young ones i must have stood out a 60 year old guy that time of night out on his own

I got a drink and moved to a table were i could Stand no one came could not see anybody that looked like him then it went through my mind am i getting set up.

Iwas about to go when he came to me asked if i was ok i said yes the asked if i was Paul

He was very nervous i asked if he wanted a drink and got two pints we chated said he had meet 4 couples but only been back with one couple.

Told him we like to cam our fun would he be ok with that yes that would be ok he then told me he would like to see one i said you will when Jane,s there why not tonight he asked i agreed told him were abouts were we live and told him to follow shortly.

Got in the house went and got a couple of videos i was feeling so horny

am i going to have a young 22 year old round on my own watching videos of me and Jane having fun with other guys when there was a knock on the door opened it he came in got a couple of drinks put a video on.

After a few minutes he asked if i was going to have a wank i said if you are we both stood up and got our hard cocks we just wank ourselves then he turned for me to get hold of him i got hold on the video theres me and Jane both sucking a guys cock he looked at me i got on my knees and started to suck him.

I Stopped and we both took our clothes off he told me i was the first guy to suck his cock and told me he had never sucked one only been wanked and wanked a guy before.

He lowered his head just licked my end then his mouth went all round could tell it was his first cock he had sucked.

I Asked if i could get it on cam for Jane to watch just for our use only he was ok with that so set the cam up. Got a very good shot were he cums in my face and one were he sucks me off it was all over in half an hour.

He had a nice cock about 7 inches and hard can not wait for Jane to watch this when she gets home this afternoon won't say a word will just put it on and tell her to watch.

Thats the first time i have been with a guy on my own since me and Jane admitted to each other we had a bi side 34 years ago.

Just waiting for Paul to get in touch to come and meet Jane for a drink and take it from there.

We have no secrets from each other thats why our marriage is so strong