Written by Kathy T

27 Nov 2011

First Time in Adult Shop Part2

My names Kathy and this takes up right after I went with my bf Dave to this seedy porno shop and was sexually violated by this old black bum who jerked his long black cock all over my leg while I was teasing him in a short skirt. It was all my bf’s idea. He thought we could have a sexy/kinky time and play for months afterwards on the encounter. I cant believe how right he was. After the bum blew his hot load all over the place(and left), the black thug at the counter saw me purchasing a huge black, life-like cock-toy and told me his black cock would be available anytime I was ready for the “real thing”. He even said that he would close the shop down and let me have what ever I wanted. I was so out of my mind with lust that I practically ran out of there and raped my bf on the car ride home. Since then, we play every single night, re-living what happened and adding on our own fantasies to what we would do next. Its almost too much to handle. Im wet all the time and constantly thinking or dreaming of BBC. One night while we were smoking and playing in bed, my bf told me to call up the porno shop and talk to the black thug who wants to fuck me so bad(his words). As he dialed and handed me the phone, he dove between my legs and started playing with my wet pussy. I was slightly moaning and feeling a climax approaching when the black employee answered the phone. I struggled for something to say as he yelled, “Who the fuck is this!”. I described myself and the last time I was in the shop and asked if he remembered me. When he said “Fuck yeah I remember your hot slutty ass, white girl! You ready for some real black cock bitch?”,

I came into my bf’s mouth. It didn’t stop there. When he knew that my bf was playing with my pussy while I spoke to him he continued talking filthy to me, calling me a hot white slut and a black cock whore and telling me that he knows exactly what I need and making me cum over and over. Then he started telling me how hard I was making his black cock and how much bigger and better his cock is then the black toy I bought. When I told him I truly loved my black toys(more than anything!) and couldn’t go a day without them, he told me I was going to love the real thing even more and that I should leave Dave at home and come see him right now, so he could show me. I was on the verge of cumming again. Then right as I was about to explode, he called me a bitch and hung up. I was so frustrated and upset that I told Dave we should go to the porno shop and buy something. My request shocked me and Dave as well as he smiled and told me to get dressed. I quickly jumped up and threw on some shorts and a sweater with some sneakers and off we went. My stomach was turning the whole way and we barely spoke. My mind was going a hundred miles a second thinking of all the sexy/kinky possibilities and causing my panties to get really hot and wet! We entered the sex shop and I looked around to see two customers and the black thug employee. He looked at me with an angry grin which scared me into walking towards the sex toys. As I did I heard him say aloud that he was closing the shop for an hour and everyone must leave. The two customers were led out and he locked the door behind them and went back behind the counter and just stared at me. I looked at my bf and he was looking through some magazines and I decided to browse closer to the counter to let the black thug get a better view of me. As I did I actually heard him moan a little approval which made me want to show off more for him. And show off I did. I started bending in front of him and turning then reaching real high on a shelf slightly bending. I looked over to my bf who was trying to act as if he wasn’t noticing but had a huge grin on his face. I turned towards the counter and got up close and started looking at the lubes and sex games as I squatted down. I looked through the glass and saw he was sitting there stroking himself through his pants! I looked up at his face and he motioned me over behind the counter. There was no backing out now as I did what he said. Once there he patted himself on his legs directing me to sit on his lap which I slowly did. As I sat on his lap I could feel his massive hard black cock under me and poking at me. He then called my bf over and told him to pick out a bunch of DVD’s and watch them in a viewing booth in back and that he and I were gonna talk for a bit. My bf looked at me and saw I was ok with it and he smiled and walked towards the DVD’s. The black thug asked me in a whisper right at my neck if I could feel how hard I had made his black cock. I smiled and nodded yes. He then reached behind him and handed me a huge black dildo and said, “Here, show me how much you love black toys slut!” I let a tiny moan slip as I grabbed that huge black beast in my hands and instantly brought it to my mouth and closed my eyes as I began giving it loving little kisses all up and down the sides and all over the huge black cock head. He was just as riled up and horny as I was and started sliding me back and forth on his lap(causing us both to rub in all the right places!) and he started talking filthy to me again saying that I was the hottest white slut he has ever seen and that he was gonna fuck me with every black dildo the shop had then he was gonna fuck me hard and make me his little white whore. The rubbing on his hard black cock was already sending me close to a climax but hearing those words did it hard! My whole body was shaking as I sat on top of him. My head back and my eyes closed as wave after wave came over me. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! As I was still out of it, he grabbed the big black toy with my hands still on it and brought it to my mouth and shoved it past my lips and into my mouth, almost choking me! He ordered me to suck it deep and I tried as best as I could. He pulled it hard from my mouth and stood up causing me to fall on the ground before him. When I looked up at him he was already undoing his pants and he fished out his hard black cock. He held it by its fat black base and waived it just inches from my face. “You want the real thing slut? Do you bitch?” I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was blacker than black with fat gross veins all over it and it was long and fat and dripping clear fluid like a faucet. He yelled his request at me again and I just said, “Yes….Please!” “Then…Stick out your tongue bitch.” When I did he started slapping his huge black cock on my tongue then my face. It first felt humiliating but then all I wanted in the whole world was that monster black cock in my mouth. I kept trying to catch it with my lips which made him laugh at me and call me names. Finally he let up and let me have his dripping black cock. It tasted and smelled unbelievable. It was delicious! I could only get the head in my mouth but my tongue was working overtime and my hands jerking the whole length. He told me to slow down a bit because I was going to make him cum too fast but I couldn’t. As much as I would have loved to take my time and suck on this guys cock for hours, I was a woman possessed. Within a couple of minutes I heard him say, “Damn it bitch. I told you…. Slow down…slow down bitch…BITCH!!!!” He pulled it from my mouth and shot hot creamy cum all over my face and head! He came so much! A lot (luckily) went right in my mouth but a lot went everywhere else. I couldn’t believe it! Just then Dave grabbed my hand and lifted me up and we hurried from the store and into our car. Dave said I looked filthy! I didn’t care I wanted more. I crawled over to him as he drove and sucked on his also dripping hard cock. When we got home I ran to our room and called up our porno shop black cock and he was so pissed he hung up on me the first ten times I called. He said he wasn’ t finished with me yet and I had to promise him that he was going to get a chance to do anything he wanted to me.