Written by Paulrcouple

23 Mar 2014

Please read part one first posted on 15th of March.

Jane got home from our daughters Saturday dinner time i had just got out the shower and in my dressing gown.

Told Jane come up stairs i had something to show her she came in the bedroom told her to get undressed and lie on the bed i put the video on of me and Paul told her how we had met and we came back home.

She told me i should never have gone out on my own that late to meet a stranger then she went quiet theres Paul stood there with nothing on watching a video of her getting fucked

Then i come into view we get hold of each others cocks and start playing then Paul bends down and licks the tip of mine then all his mouth is round it i put my hand on his head and start to move backwards and forwards it was so horny me alone with a young fit 22 i had to pull out of his mouth or i would have cum so quick.

I got on my knees and took him in my mouth his cock was so hard i started to suck him he pushed me away said he would cum if i did not stop.

We were both stood there not daring to touch our cocks in case we cum watching a video of Jane getting fucked i could see Pauls cock throbbing

Jane said hes gorgeous do you want to fuck him yes she said.

She told me to start the video from the start and go down on her as she watches it like she does to me when watching her on video.

She was soaking i started to lick her clit and finger her she was grinding her pussy in my face she is telling me what we are doing to each other she is grinding harder she is telling me Paul is shooting his cum all over my face her legs go tight round me as she cums and holds me there.

She lets me go i pull her by her ankles to the edge of the bed and fuck her it did not take me long to cum.

She admitted to me it was the hornest thing she had watched me and Paul on our own she knows what i mean when i watch a video of her getting fucked when i was in hospital with two guys we used to have fun with

Pauls been in touch with us Jane as spoken to him and we are going to met up This Friday