Written by Sandyfun

23 Apr 2010

I was running late, it was our second meet and she had been adamant, be more than 5 minutes late and it won’t happen.

In a city that I didn’t know, traffic was mental – I now had 7 minutes to get to her house – could be a wasted journey.

I’d answered her ad, we had IM’d for a week and knew what we wanted – we met once for coffee, to confirm what would happen for the 1st meet. Everything was on her terms, that was fine with me. She told me that for our purposes her name was Coral, when we initially met we just chatted about various things then as we drained our coffee cups she became quite serious, she demanded discretion and that the initial meeting was by her design. Before we parted she gave me a bag with an item for our next meet.

I arrived in her street and parked where I she told me, as requested I was where a suit with a blue tie. She opened the door and looked stunning. As promised she was wearing a short kimono and very skimpy pants. Coral was perfect in my eyes, blonde, 5’10, about size 18 or 20, she said she was 38 but could have passed for 30 easily.

As expected she began to climb the stairs, got halfway stopped turned to face me, removed her pants and threw them to me, one a fluid movement, she put a hand between her legs and whipped out a blue dildo that was about the same length of my cock but about twice the girth – she shivered and said ‘Come on up’ I followed without hesitation. This was going exactly as she had described.

We entered a bedroom, not the main one but an obvious adult playroom. The kimono was removed to revealing her exquisite body – she was gorgeous. Your turn she said, came to me and started to undress me, kissing me while she undid my tie and started to unbutton my shirt – she had made it very clear that I was not to touch her unless told to, it was killing me, she was inches away from me kissing me very passionately and I couldn’t touch her!! She wasn’t rushing just very steadily removed my clothes and stood in-front of me looking me up and down. She nodded her head and dropped to her knees gently taking my mostly rigid cock in her mouth, just lightly sucking and moving her head up and down a little bringing me very quickly to a full erection – once she sensed I wasn’t getting any harder or bigger she stopped stood up and again assessed me, just muttering 'yes'

She went and sat on the enormous bed and said ‘is it in’ I replied ‘yes’ The item she had given me was an inflatable butt-plug and had instructed me to have it in me when I arrived. She beckoned me over, turned me around, with one hand she started slowly wanking me, with the other she began inflating the butt-plug which I had inserted in me earlier – not something I had done before but I’m open to try most things – as it grew inside me I could feel the pressure develop, it was a interesting sensational.

As planned, I then lay on the bed and we completed a long slow 69 session that culminated in both of having very explosive orgasms, mine was down to her excellent technique and the pressure that butt-plug was exerting on my inside, I think her explosive orgasm was down to the way she totally fucked my face for the last few seconds of her orgasm.

The agreement was that our meet would end there; if I had been successful she would be in contact later that day.

However after a few seconds of us lying in recovery, the bedroom door opened stood there was a guy wearing a dressing gown, holding some towels with a huge grin on his face – he’d watched everything through a webcam. After we dried off, Coral explained that there would be no phone call later that day as I had passed the test – the key thing had been that I’d done everything she had asked.

After a bit more chat, I got mostly dressed and we went down stairs for a drink – Corals partner messed around with something behind the TV and then in grainy Technicolor, we watched what had gone on in the bedroom whilst Coral blew her partner – I gather he’d watched the event live as he lasted a couple of minutes before he tensed, grabbed hold of Corals head and pushed her down to the base of his cock, there was a small trickle of cum seeping out of the corner of her mouth too much to swallow I suppose.

After that we watched the whole scene and made arrangements for our next meet that would be a lot more spontaneous and involve all 3 of us…