26 May 2011

We had a friend called Phil we met him through a contact mag years ago he used to come and visit us often on a afternoon when our pub was shut he was very good a nice big cock which Jane loved but he was very secretive he was the same age as us but would not tell us much about him self.

Happily married a couple of kids but he said she was not interested in sex just let him have it once a week light out pull my nightie up when you have done so he said he told us about this beech just out side Bridlington Fraisthorpe he said you can get any sort of sex you want there did not take much notice of it Phil just disappeared from our life stopped cumming to see us like i said he was a bit of a mystery man we all moved on we moved pub and went to work for Scottish and Newcastle a big pub company we won a five day break and we could stay in any of there pubs that did accommodation free every thing paid for So Bridlington here we come.

We had been swinging a few years then so we found out were Fraisthorpe was and went the next day it was a nice hot summers day got to the car park went to the beech and turned left and walked up the beech till we came to the stream i found out that was Danes dyke. There were one or two in the nude but not many so we put our towels down and waited to see what happened it was the first time on a nudist beech I did not take my trunks off then we just sat and sunbathed.

Nodded of for a while when i woke up there were about five couples and about twenty single guys about ever body was stripped of but us i pulled my trunks off Jane took her bottom off people walking down to the sea walking back again but nothing much going on.

A guy came up to us and started talk to us he said he had never seen us before we said it was our first time here we told him a friend had told us to come he told us this is were the couples come for fun up the dyke is were all the gays go and right by the cliffs to our right is were all the single lads go and couples who are looking for a single go.

I made a joke out of it and said i new we were in the wrong place it was one of those pauses no body said a word he was standing there he was not a bad looking lad about thirty ten years younger than us his cock was now rock hard nearly touching his belly button every body was watching us i looked at Jane's pussy her lips were glistening with with juice my mouth was dry i said i wish we had some thing to drink he said he had some cans were his towel was did i fancy one please he asked Jane yes that will be nice of you i will go for some i said we will come with you did not want him to get away.

Every body new what was going on we got to were his towel was the cliff had broken away they were clay and like two big junks in the sand he had a wind break in front so nobody could see us from the sea side we put our towels down Jane was sat down but sat up he got us all a can i was standing next to him cock hard as hell a nice size it was only inches from Jane's mouth i looked at Jane she looked at me i nodded to her to open her mouth wide she did i put my hand on his bum and pushed him that couple of inches and it was in her mouth she got hold of it and started to wank it she got hold of mine pulled me forward and started to suck us both.

With in a couple of minutes there were people every were watch people on the cliff top people that had come from in between the cliff that had broken away some was openly wanking and watching us then a guy came and tried to join in Jane got up and told him to go.

She was not happy with it we stopped the all moved away i felt her pussy she was drenched her clit was big and hard she was on her side the lad that was with us we did not know is name then was at the back of her his cock in the nick of her bum and rubbing it backwards and forwards to her pussy he just got the end in when a head came over the wind break they were all back on the top of the cliff Jane said no i don't want this lets go we got our things together and went.

We walked off on the beech just the two of us every body watching us I Said i thought he would have come with us Jane said he is down there every week he new what he was up to we feel for it he seemed ok to me.

We had walked a good bit i looked back on the beech no he was not following us it was us that went too his towel for a beer i said Jane said he is not a bad looking lad he must get someone up there every time he comes on hes not daft why did he not come with us he new we had never been there before he will no every one there they will be there all the time ok your right i said but he had a nice cock Jane smiled.

I looked to my left on the top of the cliff he was there i told Jane she looked he waved we waved back When we got to the car park he was there waiting by were they take the speed boats down to the sea. He said he was sorry but that happens a lot it spoils it for a lot of people when they just wont leave you a lone.

He asked if we would like to go for a drink and something to eat ok he said when you get to the end of the road turn right back into Bridlington there's a pub about two miles away called the Broadacres with a nice beer garden

We got there he was at the bar he got us a drink went in to the beer garden found a spot were there were plenty of bushes there was nobody there only us we had a good chat he said he was Mike and came from Hull he told us he was not married in the R A F he said he was bi i told him we were i gave Jane a kiss said i will get the drinks get to know each other again i went came back Jane was lying on her back on the picnic bench Mike was giving her a good licking no body could see us.

He sat on the picnic bench got Jane to face him and sit on his cock a leg at each side of him he started to fuck her i was there with my cock out wanking he got hold of it bent down and started sucking me it was so horny out there in the sun it did not take me long to cum he sucked me dry before he shot his load in Jane that all lasted for about ten minuets at the most. i read stories were people shag away for hours but when you get up to these sort of activities believe me i have never known it.

We told him were we were staying and would be out and about tommorrow he said he would meet us on the beech Jane said she was not sure but said she would give it another go.

More to come if you are interested we met his friend Jason