Written by Julie-babelicious

25 Jan 2010

Living in the Southside of Glasgow, with all it's bars and clubs has made it easy for to get a guy when my hubby isn't paying me enough attention.

On Saturday morning I was as horny as hell, and wanted Tom to give me a good seeing to. But his mind was on sleep so I settled by playing with my wet pussy. Tom woke with me furiously rubbing at my little nub, he rested his big cock at my face just as I came. He wanked slowly and asked me who I was thinking about as I played with myself. Not wishing to lie, I let him know that I was imagining being fucked by 2 guys whilst he watched.

Tom sprayed my face and tits with cum, and told me I was a dirty whore. Annoyed that I hadn't been fucked I let him know that when he hasn't come up with the goods I had taken to fucking strangers in their cars. Tom was dumbfounded. I then carried on and told him that tonight I was going to the pub we frequent and am going to get shagged by the nicest guy I could find. Not in his car, or up an alley round the back, but that I was going to bring him home and Tom could watch, and maybe join in if he was good.

Tom's cock stayed hard. His thick 7"s slipped easily into my very wet pussy, and he fucked me hard and frantically until he came in my belly. He slid down and licked my clit which was loving the attention and I came over his face which was covered in his own sperm.

Exhausted Tom asked if I had been joking. Backing off I asked if he wanted it to be a joke. He didn't, Tom admitted he has wanted to see me get fucked by another guy or couple for ages.

Me, Julie, I am 42, slim, blond, perky 34B breasts, shapely hips and a firm bum that loves being taken doggy. I don't have to try at all to get a guy. I am financially secure and men enjoy my sexy attitude to life. I am a flirt, but only when my man ignores me do I look for extra cock.

I promised Tom a treat that night. I said I would step out to our bar tonight and bring a man home. I could see Tom's dick stiffening, so he was more than up for it. The rest of the day was like a blur. A little shopping, but main thought was what to wear. A simple black number, classy but sexy, no bra or panties because my thoughts were only about fucking.

I arrived at the bar around 8:30, Tom had dropped me off, and by 9:30 and 2 glasses of wine later I had met Alan, late 30's married and fit. He was humerous and good company, and when it got to 11pm it was time to move on. I suggested to Alan we share a cab to a club, he agreed, and once in the Hackney I started kissing his gorgeous mouth, placed my right hand on his bum and gave it's firmness a good squeeze. Alan drove his tongue into my mouth and stroked my erect nipples. Change of destination cab driver, and I gave the balding 50 something my home address.

The 10 minute journey had me soaking wet. I had felt Alan's cock through his black trousers and it was hot, thick, and easily a good match for my husband's. I had reached the point of no return. Knowing Alan was married made this easier, on entering my house Tom was watching a porno on the 42" Plasma. Alan a bit stunned, but I squeezed his hand and introduced Tom. Tom will be watching us fuck if you still want to. Alan said he had no issue with that.

I went into the kitchen opened some wine and poured 3 glasses, whilst Tom and Alan overcam their unease by staring at the MMF on the screen. Handing out our drinks, I then lay mine down and stripped off my dress in the middle of the room. Left with just my heels on I bent down showing Alan my pussy and ass from behind and then gave myself a little spank.

I was wetter than I could remember, and moved back allowing Alan to kiss my bum and part my pussy with his warm fingers. I looked over at Tom and he was touching his cock through the material of his shorts. Fuck me Alan I said. I turned round lifted Alan up from his seat and undid his buttons and trousers. Left in boxers and sosks he quickly removed these and immediately pressed his cock against my bum. I walked forward to Tom and bent over to suck his by now exposed cock. Alan entered me from behind. There was no resistance from my pussy and he easily slid into me harder and harder. I wanked and sucked at Tom's cock whilst pushing back agains Alan. After a while I stood up then sat down on Tom's cock facing Alan, then greedily sucked on his cock and licked his lovely big balls.

Again after a few minutes I called bed time and took both my men upstairs. Both Alan and Tom fucked me in all positions that they wanted for most of the next couple of hours. Alan came in me first, no condom, and Tom loved his sloppy seconds filling me with even more sperm. Both Tom and Alan have good bodies and I enjoyed being pleasured and giving pleasure to each of them. I felt good being at home and with the person I love the most in the world, whilst having dirty great sex with 2 lovely big cocks.

I trust my future frustrations will end, and having discussed this with Tom, he is not averse to meeting other people. Couples as well as single guys.

Alan left about 3am, back to his wife and family, but we did say we would keep in touch.