Written by raven

10 Apr 2007

hiya folks im raven im 19 years old i was walking back from my friends house yesursday afternoon it was really warm so i took off my jumper just left me wearing my skirt and top on the way back home i passed this old man he was having a sit down by the canel he said hello and said what a lovely day it was so i stopped and had a chat with him i have always loved the older man i was very turned on at that moment so i sat down next to him and chatted away there was noone else around and then he said that i had lovely long legs which i thought was abit funny for him to just come out and say that so i said yes thanks then we started to talk about sex dont ask me how it started because i dont know but i was loving every part of it i told him all this talk about sex was turning me on he said so was he and i could see that he was well turned on ! then he put his hand on my lap and started to rub up and down so i opened up my legs abit so he could get his hand up my skirt he said do you like that oh yes which i was loving it so then we decided to move over to this bridge under it it felt alot cooler we sat down and i put my hand inside his pants and felt his rock hard cock as i started to rub him up and down he then said if i carried on doing that he would cum so i said lets go into the woods behind us which we did found a nice spot away from the canel and then i pulled down his pants and started to kiss the tip of his cock mmmmmmmmmmm now i was drippin wet and so was he percum leaked from his stiff hard cock i took in my mouth as he watched me moaned saying oh yes suck it bitch i love that being called dirty names after a while sucking him he pulled me up and bend me over the log where we was sitting and pulled my thong to one side and then fucked me so hard i came loads god i was loving it then he moaned and i just knew that he had spunked up my tight little pussyhole then he pulled it out i felt his spunk drip down my legs then he took off my top pulled up my bra and sucked and licked around each of my nipples they was so hard he saiod i want you to suck me and get me hard again then ride on my cock like a dirty little slut that made me do it get down on my knees and suck him he didt take long to get a hard on then he lay down on the grass as i got on top of him and rode him up and down i was riding his cock while he played and pulled on my nipples i came str8 away he said you dirty fucking bitch i can feel your juices drip on my balls i was soaked thru then he said quick get on my face i want to lick that wet juicey pussy hole of ours i got so carried away i was riding on his face while he fingered fucked my tight arsehole then we heard children and voices so we jumped up quick my thong was dripping wet he said god i loved it getting my tongue in your wet hole some children run by as he had his fingers still up my hole mmmmmmmmmmm god then i looked at the time and said i had to go he gave me his address and said if i ever wanted a fuck just drop by i will tonight then we will have all night mmmmmmmmmmmm raven