Written by lancscpl69

2 Oct 2010

I decided to take the day off work last Monday to recover from a heavy weekend and spend some time with my sexy wife Christine. Kids were in school till 3.30 so we had the day to fill and have fun.

We decided to head out for the day and have some dogging fun, I wanted to video Chris in action. I asked to her put on her all in one lace outfit and knee length leather boots and stick on her long black coat. After some communications we agreed to meet a guy not far from us in Preston - he knew a discreet place where I could happily film him and Christine having fun. We picked him up and drove only a few hundred yards where there was a car park and a short walk to hidden tree's and bushes. There were some workmen about 50 yards away but we were well hidden.

Christine dropped to her knees quickly and took out Jays impressive cock. He was already hard, Chris wasted no time in taking him in her mouth. I started filming the action and could not resist taking my own rock hard cock out of my jeans. Soon, Christine was wanking us both taking turns to suck and lick our cocks. I was already looking forward to watching this video.

I stepped back to let them have fun together. Jay brought Christine to her feet and set about sucking her hard nipples whilst his hand moved down to rub her soaking wet clit. Chris grabbed onto Jay as her legs were buckling with the horny feelings. The long coat was getting in the way so she decided to take it off....just as she did, a guy passed at the end of the path with his dog. We all ducked further into the bushes and closer towards the workmen.

The guy left us to it. It did not take long for Jay and Chris to start again. Chris bent over taking Jay's cock deep into her mouth wanking him furiously at the same time. Whilst she was bending over Jay lifted the back of her long coat over her back so he had free access with his fingers. He started pushing 2 fingers deep inside her whilst she was sucking. I was still happy to film and wank. With Jay fucking Christine with his fingers she was started to take him deeper and deeper in her mouth and throat.

Jay was nearly coming so he shoved Christine down onto her knees and told her to hold her tits together for him. He started wanking his own cock then shot a load of cum over her tits and nipples. Christine asked me if I had more for her....I started to copy Jay and cum over her tits.....try doing this whilst videoing.

With Chris covered in our cum she stood up and grabbed Jays arm with her left hand, she told me to keep filming then she rubbed her clit as fast as she could with her right. She was coming within seconds holding onto Jay so her legs did not buckle. She let out an almighty scream that the workmen would have heard, in fact we saw them looking over when walking back to the car.

We dropped Jay back at the pick up place and rushed home to watch our video and have another session. The whole meeting only lasted about 20 minutes but it was horny and exciting and daring. Its just a pity the good weather is leaving us.