Written by steve

20 Sep 2009

hi all my names steve and i have been reading all your stories on this site for a few years with my gf and we have always talked about her sleeping with other men but the furthest we ever got was a bit of fun with a cam.

jane is pretty but has a few extra pounds and is very insercure about her size and would say no man would sleep with her because shes too big.

Anyway we had a few local men on our buddys list we would talk too from time too time and some night after a few drinks we would use the cam.she would start of with the cam on the prints shelf so it could see up here shirt and as the teaseing got more intense she would open her legs and close them then she would remove her knickers at the request of the chap she would be talking too and asking him too do the same and thay would then ask each other to masterbate until they both cum. she would never show herself completly naked because she really did feel that her size would repulse the men she was talking too. id try to reasure her that she looked ok and there are a lot of bigger girls than her.

Two and a half weeks ago jane had gone to play darts at the local pub.So i went on line and started talking to one of the chaps named graham he asked if jane wanted to play on cam and i explained that she had gone out and wouldnt be back until later.

he then asked\" why wont she send a pic of herself or show her face.so i explained why and that if she was more confedent she would meet other men for more.

we talked abit more an agree that if we arranged a casual meet in a pub and he would challenge me to a game of pool i could then find out if she liked him. I then sent a pic to him of her and he was keen to meet her.underhanded i know but a step towards in the right directions.

As arranged i took jane to the pub and had a few drinks a played a few games of pool. Then graham walked in.She recognised him instantly and said to me look that the man i talk to on line i tryed to dismiss it by say nah it looks nothing like him.But she insisted it was him.


Graham got a pint and as arranged came over and said can i play the winner all casual.I couldnt make eye contact with him out of fear i would give something away but said sure.

He then started to talk to us about things in general as me and jane played pool.Jane would blush everytime he asked her a question and i could see that evertime she talked to him she was thinking your man of the internet.

I let jane win the game and went to the bar to get another pint and before to long they were laughing and joking.

We played a few more game of pool then the three of us sat down and talked.

I was downing the pints like water out of nervse i think but within a few hours i was wasted and started to feel sick so i got up and went to the toilet to throw up. After about twenty mins or so graham came to see if i was ok he help me up and said id better help jane get you home.I slurred an appology and home we went.

its vage but i remember them joking about me and the state i was in.I was sick a few more time on the way home so soon as i got back i went upstairs to the toilet and sat there spinning out with my head in my hand and soon i was in the land of the nod..

The next day I woke early with a thumping headach and dehydrated

so i went straight down stairs for a drink and saw jane asleep on the sofa with a sheet around her all her clothes on the floor.

I woke her and ask why she was there and she said she had slept there out of fear i would get in bed with her and been sick on her i asked about graham and she replied he left after help me home.I went to bed and slept until late afternoon went i woke i went on line to send graham an e-mail just to appologise but he was already on line he thanked me for last night and added he never told jane about our arrangement and she should worry about her body.i wrote back and said she only feels uneasy went shes naked. His reply was i dont know why i thought she look great.


here wrote back saying.

while you were in the pub toilet i told jane i thought you were really lucky to have her and i thought she was really attractive.

she responded by say thanx your not bad yourself. she admitted she knew me from the internet and that it was her who had been flashing her snatch i kissed her and she didnt mind so i put my hand on here knee and tried to finger her under the table but she said not here and then i came and got you thinking we were going to fufil our arrangement but you had past out we took you home and before we knew it you had fallen asleep again in the toilet.I said to jane that id better go but she asked if id stay for a drink and before i knew it we were kissing again and this time she didnt stop me fingering her.we both stripped i asked if she would like me to use a condom but she shook her head then we had sex.I left her on the sofa and went home. we agree to meet again and this time i would not drink.

i will write on here when i happens and give better details.