Written by Playnwatch

23 Jun 2009

I was in chatrooms looking to set up guy for a guy to meet with the wife. We do meets with single guys hence the name. However this time something different!

I chatted to a guy who seemed very cool, not the usual full-on stuff and very laid back. Chatted for a while and it emerged he was into a few wild things. Fucking other guys wives was one but being sucked through glory holes was another. He\'d had meets where wives had sucked through Gh\'s which seemed very horny and a couple of guys!!

So getting to the point he said he didnt care who sucked his cock as long as he got a load off his mind. So I thought well is this something I\'d like to try? Seeing guys fuck the wife is great but a little extra fun would be kool.

I had done some stuff like this some years back and he was after a no see, no chat, no strings meet. So I went for it.

When I\'d made up my mind to go for it my cockbrain went into overdrive. I couldnt wait to get his cock in my mouth. After what seemed like ages a date was set. I had lots to arrange. I couldnt set up glory hole at our house as wife didnt know anything about my \'bi\' side. So went and bought a bed sheet and booked travelodge hotel near his place. Texts between him and i flew setting up the meet so we didnt have to speak or see each other. I texted him when i got to travelodge and said id be about 1/2 hour getting ready. It was a seedy hotel room which seemed to add to the adventure. So i set about creating my own glory hole. I pinned the sheet to the bathroom doorway and cut a nice hole at cock height for him, put pillows my side and a chair so id be comfortable and texted to say i was ready. He texted to say he was on his way.

Fucking hell the wait seemed like ages but was only 10 mins or so.

The plan was when he got to hotel he\'d text again and Id open door on jar and hide behind bed. He texted and i opened door and hid. After a few minutes i heard the door slowly open and he slid behind glory hole by going into the bathroom. he gave the pre arranged 2 knocks and i came to the doorway.

A very nice sight awaited me, He had kept his pants on and i could see a well formed bulge, nice legs and good stomach. I tentatively put my hand through the hole and gave a gasp. The pic on his profile looked like he was medium in the cock department but it was well more than that. I gently rubbed his semi hard cock through his pants- it grew more and more as i felt and watched.

I didnt want to wait long for it so I slipped his pants down to see more- wow it looked huge with shaved balls and pubes. I wondered if it would all fit in my mouth- I knew next day Id have an aching jaw.

I held it to my mouth and licked the end. it tasted clean and felt great. I took it into my mouth and enjoyed the feel of its length and meatiness. I gave it all what i like myself when being sucked and it seemed to work. Gentle groans came through the glory hole and i knew i was doing ok.

After lots of techniques and sucking, licking sqeezing and mmmmm I could feel him tense ready to cum. I got a little nervous as Id promised to swallow but was nervy to see if it can all be taken in one. He cum forever, I didnt think I would be able to take it all. His balls pumped and pumped. I knew hed enjoyed it. It tasted sweet and creamy- not really like anything else you can describe but very nice. I continued sucking for ages but time ran out and i slid behind the wall to hide and I heard him dress and slip out the door closing it with a gentle click.

I was horny as fuck and rushed into the loo and wanked furiously- it took seconds and i was done. A few minutes later some texts were exchanged of appreciation.

We have chatted since and Im eager to have another go if he will have me- I do hope so - Im into this anonymous glory hole fun now.

I still have no idea what he looked like- except his big cock - but I want another go. I\'ll let you know if it happens. Fortunately he says I can have other cocks so hes not made the cuck of me that I am at home- well not yet!!