Written by morrisey

10 Apr 2009

It all started a couple of weeks ago my partner went off to work on a saturday afternoon as usual, and my next door neighbour Dave went off to football with there son. I showered and then stood in the kitchen reading the paper when Daves wife knocked on the back door, i beckoned her to come in as the door was unlocked. She asked could she be cheeky and borrow me for a little while as Dave had not finished something off before he left. I agreed to help just let me get dressed first i said and went upstairs to get some clothes on, as i stood there naked she appeared at my bedroom door smiling. I stood there as she came over and kissed me and ran her hand very gently over my cock which twitched and started to grow rapidly, she stepped back and started to undress. I just stared as she took her clothes off just leaving her knickers and bra on and moved toward her and kissed her again. She pushed me onto the bed and kissed her way down to the tip off my cock which was dripping with precome and licked it, she slowly started to wank me and i could feel her breath on my cock which had me raging she teased me for what seemed an age and then sunk my whole cock into her mouth, i gasped and nearly came straight away. What a fantastic blow job she was giving and i desperately wanted to return the favour and managed to twist round so she could sit over my face 69 style i sucked and nibbled through her knickers before pulling them to one side and sucking her clit and delving my tongue as far in her as i could, this made her moan out load that she was going to come so i pulled her tighter to my face and licked harder and she screamed to her first orgasm and as she screamed i came on her face and mouth. She turned around and we kissed again her face still covered in come which she whipped off into both our mouths as we kissed, in the height of passion surprising what you do. We started to rub each other again amd i took her bra and knickers off rolled her over onto her back got on top and entered her hot and very wet pussy she felt good and we fucked each other for most of saturday afternoon finally coming about ten mins before my partner came home from work. Football again tomorrow so a good afternoon in store will let you know againsoon