Written by julie

15 Feb 2007

hi i have been chatting to this guy on the net 4 about a week now spoke on the phone once to him i was supose to meet him last friday but because he didt know where he was going then it was far to late hes a lorry driver so yesurday i txted him wanting to meet up hubby was watching the dam football so i said im going out to friends house he didt mind i met him got into his lorry we kissed mmmmmm i was so turned on then we drove looking 4 somewhere to park up at last we did then i took off my coat and he got his hands up my jumper feeling my tits rubbing my nipples then he said take off your knickers which i did slowly fingering me i was so dam wet then i licked his fingers and kissed at the same time then he made me cum loads we never had the time to fuck but tomorrow i will have 2 cocks he wants to share me with his mate but i did get over him he said cum and get your lips around this took off his pants wow nice thick cock i took him into myu mouth and sucked on him till he spunked said that i was a good cock sucking bitch and that he wanted more then he said im his slut now julie