Written by Sexy Sixty

6 Jun 2007

-----------There was a knock on my door, I checked my watch, 5-30pm.

I answered the door and there stood Dot, suitcase in hand and on her own."No Pete"? I enquired, "No just me" Dot answered as she made her way into the room.

As she walked across the room she removed her coat. Apart from makeup,pearl necklace,hold up stockings and shoes she was naked, her large breasts hanging down (but still ohhh so good for her age."Don't worry I have clothes for later in my case". "Pete has asked for us to do a "Special" !! and for me to tell him all later".

"It will be my pleasure"I answered,"I hope it will be my pleasure as well" Dot replied with a knowing smile.

Dot looked around the room, pulled the armchair around to face the bed,removed the back cushion, then off to the bathroom coming back laying a towel across the seat cushion.

Dot sat down and made herself comfortable, fidgeting her bum around so that she was almost lying down, her bum as far forward on the seat as possible.She then lifted her legs one over each arm displaying her enormous pussy to me.

"Get stripped and then please pass me my hand bag". I did as asked and Dot fiddled around in her bag before removing a tube of lubricant.She smeared her hand with the lube and proceeded to rub the stuff all over her pussy and down into her arse, when fully lubed she threw the tube to me,I knew exactly what was expected of me as we had done this so many times in the past. (although not for some years now).

As I stood there lubing my hard cock, Dot started her manipulation of her long Labia lips, they had still not returned to normal size from this morning,she soon had her eyes closed and had got them stretching, she was virtually wanking them, first one then the other, then both together being rolled between her thumb and fingers encouraging the blood to flow into them. What a sight, her breasts lifting and falling as she occasionally gasped for breath,her neck muscles tightening,her head going from side to side.

"I think I am ready" Dot whispered. I shuffled into position kneeling between her open thighs. The "Special" was about to commence.

I rested my cock along the crease of her slit,sliding slowly and gently using my base ridge to rub along and catch at her clit.Dot hands dropped and she took a Labia lip in each hand, slowly coaxing and stretching each lip,longer and longer she pulled at them, soon they were long enough for her to tie a knot in around my cock. Her eyes were dropping tears, I always asked "Is it painfull"? "A little, but more a pleasure pain than anything" she assured me.

Once she had the small knot tied in place and she had got used to it, I started to slide slowly up and down, this action pulled down and then lifted back her Labia while also gently wanking me off at the same time.Dot's hands were now free and she commenced in slipping her hand to her cunt then using the lube to squeeze her ample swollen nipples.Her face got redder and redder as she pulled and pulled, her hips started moving in a circular motion, the feeling was amazing.

"Ready"? she asked "? "Ready" I replied. Her hands left her breasts and mine took their place, my fingers squeezing and pulling on her hard stretched nipples, the Aurola all puckered and pimpled with lust. Gently Dot pushed me back my cock losing contact with her clit but pulling her Labia away from her stretching them to their maximum, she grimaced before lowering her fingers to her pussy.

"Here we go" Dot hissed and her hand was a blur as she tossed herself off, her nails catching my cock along the way to give me pleasure also,I pulled and pulled at her nipples, she wanked and wanked at her clit, the sweat was pouring off me and dropping down onto her open thighs.

"IIIMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG" Dot hissed, and cum she did, and when I say CUM I MEAN CUM !!!. Just like a man, I felt the first jet of hot female pissy cum hit my balls, Dot shivered and shook torrents of juice seemed to come from her (hence the towel)three four times she bought herself off like this before slowing the pace, gradually calming herself down.

"Now your turn" she smiled, I knew exactly what she wanted. Gently lowered my cock feeling her Labia sliding off me, my cock rock hard sliding down between her saturated thighs, Dot raised herself a little more for me,then put her hand down guiding my cock to her well lubed arse.Slowly I eased myself forward, but she was so lubed up I easily slid into her arse. Balls deep with no effort I reached bottom and just stayed there for a moment savouring the excitement. Dot tapped my shoulder,Gently I pulled away and then rammed back in again.

Dot shouted out loud "Bastard" "Bastard" "Just fuck me". And fuck her I did, pounding into her while she rubbed alternately between her clit and nipples.I could not last long and soon exploded deep into her arse, after two jets she called out, "don't forget my mouth", I hadn't forgotten and I whipped away, quickly standing and dropping my cock into her open mouth gave her what little of my cum I had left.

"Quick the camera" Dot said. This has always been our ritual, me taking photographs of Dot after our "Special" for Pete to look at later.I took pictures of her open mouth showing my cum, her large swollen nipples and Aroula,her cum sodden arse which was opning and closing with each breath she took. Lastly a huge amount of her stretched Labia and cunt, with Dot slowly untying her knotted lips while I clicked away.

The last photograph showing her lips spread, each one stuck with cum down each repective thigh, her cunt wide open, her clit protruding. What a sight !!. I guessed at the length of each of her lips to be no less than 5" long.

We lay on the lounge floor relaxing when the telephone rang, It was Pete."Everything OK Paul"? he asked, "Fine I answered a very "SPECIAL" afternoon. "Sounds good" "I look forward to hearing all". "In the meantime I shall pick you both up in one hour as our table is booked for 9-00pm"."No problems see you then".

That is all really, apart from the superb meal we had, we could not get together the following day as Pete and Dot had family coming down. So we said our goodbyes and the following morning I headed home, smiling to myself. Firstly I thought , Jan is going to love this story.Secondly how much longer will a)Dot keep up her figure and enough sexuall urge to carry on. b)How much longer will Pete want us to, and c)Me at 62, I wondered how long I could keep it up for.

This all happened last October, since then Jan and I have spent a weekend with them. (Would you like to hear about it ?.