Written by Ann

10 Nov 2011

Having wrote on here before and received a few negative comments because we pressed a wrong number so my age weren't right or to protect a third party we got the name of a wood or lake wrong my husband said stuff em, as S H wont print the correction everyone feels cheated,but as i enjoy reading the stories i don't see why a few anoraks should stop me from sharing the odd adventure with the members who are able to read between the lines.

My name is Ann (name changed) I'm forty one, five ft 2in tall, size ten, slim with small boobs 32B and i have shoulder length red hair.

I was recently asked by a friend to help out in the charity shop she managers.

It was only out the back steam pressing and sorting out the rags from the sale clothes, but i quite enjoyed it.

One of the volunteers was called Sid(name changed), he'd had a bad accident, lost his job, wife and home, but has slowly built himself a new life.

Our charity was of great help to him when he was down and by volunteering he feels its way of saying thanks.

We were often at work together and built up a good working relationship, with the odd cheeky or suggestive comment exchanged between us without fear of upset.

I'd often hold up a garment and give him swirl, saying things like "and modelling this off the shoulder creation in silk is Ann".

He'd often comment on how nice it would look on me, but one day he said, "i don't want to offend you, but i really do think you'd make a great model".

Oh ya i bet that's what you tell all the women and flattery will get you every where, were followed by maybe 20 years ago, but i think im a wee bit too old now, but thanks.

He then said, "if you allowed me to photograph you, i'll prove to you just how attractive you are".

we exchanged a few further comments, then continued with our work.

A few days later he brought in a portfolio of some photographs he'd taken. They were quite brilliant and i thought it a waste of his talent that he hadn't pursued photography to a greater extent.

The short of it all was, in his teens he'd given up the chance of a collage course and part time work in a photography shop to work for the council, where he stayed until his accident, but apparently he is and always has been very active in the local camera clubs.

During that shift we spoke about the photos and how he'd seriously like to photograph me.

At the end of the day i'd agreed to pose, so long as my husband didn't mind?

Sid had no problem with that and i went home.

During tea i mentioned Sid's request to paul and he was quite keen on the idea. Being a keen photographer himself he asked me about Sid's camera and what back drops sid had planned to use?

Having decided it was easier to ring Sid and tell him i was interested, i could also ask him a few details.

Three way conversations always annoy me so having said to Sid i would like to pose i handed Paul the phone. They chatted on about nothing for ten minutes then said good bye.

Paul said we were invited round to watch a shoot that weekend, Sid was photographing a motorbike for some guy in a garage sunday afternoon.

Friday morning was busy in the shop, no Sid and i didn't give watching him take photo's of a bike a second thought.

Saturday Paul and i went for a stroll along the seafront, had lunch and i went into the garden whilst he watched tv.

After Sunday lunch i had a lazy soak in the bath while paul watched F1, then we started to get ready to meet Sid. Paul said that Sid ok-ed for him to bring his camera along so off we went.

Sid was waiting for us outside his flat, the garage he was shooting in was only a short distance away but was a bugger to find as it was behind some industrial units.

I was a bit surprised to find the garage was a proper garage with tools and cutting equipment all over the place.

The mechanic was a middle aged guy, stocky build and quite tanned. within minutes he was talking to us like old friends and assured us it was ok for us to watch the shoot.

The bike in question was a highly chromed and polished Diversion 900, apparently an old bike but it had just been powder coated and rebuilt.

Having taken lots of photos and moving the big flash heads at various angles sid handed Paul so gadget and said help yourself while i look through the images.

Paul took some pictures, mostly of the polished engine and the mural of a wolf on the tank. He then asked if it was ok for me to pose near the bike?

A double no probs came the reply from the small office.

As i was stood by the bike Barry the mechanic said it would look better if i sat on the bike.

After a few shots Sid joined us and said wearing the skirt and blouse i was dressed in was wrong. We all discussed the various options from borrowing Barry's leathers to one of his boilersuits, when Sid said, why not make a photo-story? Barry said he didnt mind, Paul said great and i asked what Sid meant?

I don't think Paul or Barry knew what Sid had in mind as they also listened to Sid's idea.

It was agreed that Barry would be the bikes owner and i would be the mechanic working on his bike.

Not exactly what i had in mind for my first attempt at modelling, so much for the silk evening dresses we,d spoke of, instead i get a boilersuit.

Well it is a clean one with lots of auto related badges on said Paul whilst playing with his camera.

I slipped into the office and took my skirt off, then put on the boilersuit.

Sid rolled the sleeves and legs up a bit, assuring me they;d look ok in the photos, but he wanted me to add a bit more makeup as he said the camera defuses it a bit.

So the scene was set, and the camera's clicked away.

It wasn't realistic enough said Sid, adding i needed to be a bit dirty. They wanted to smudge oil on my face arms and hands.

Afraid of dirtying my blouse i slipped back to the office, took it off and did the boilersuit right up.

A smudge was soon changed to a liberal streak of two and off we went again.

Barry was playing the part of an interested customer as i, spanner in hand pointed out what i'd done to his bike.

Sid then said to Barry reach out and brush the hair away from Ann's face.

Ann, look into Barry's eyes as he .

Barry just undo a few of those boilersuit bottons and Ann wipe your forehead with the back of your hand.

Sid asked if we were all ok and then said Barry lean down and pretend to kiss Ann.

He then said to paul "the idea is to tell the story of the meeting between the biker and the mechanic through the lens so remember to alter his position and focal length, plus sing out with any ideas".

Paul said to kiss again as he was in the wrong position before.

Sid asked Barry to undo a few more of my buttons as we kissed.

As he did so Barry quietly asked if i was ok with that as he'd already undone the buttons to my waist, and my bra was visible between the loose folds of the boilersuit.

I was quite turned on to be honest and just nodded as our lips touched once more, only this time we actually kissed properly and i felt his tongue gently explore mine.

I could hear Sid saying "thats it, try not to wait for direction, move as you would do in real life".

He then said to paul to move this way a bit and capture Barry's hand as he pulled the Boilersuit from my shoulders.

Barry followed Sid's direction and i cried gently with excitement as i felt the material being eased from my shoulders.

As Barry let go of the boilersuit, due to its large size it just fell to the floor, leaving me stood there in just my bra and pants.

Sid asked me to undo Barrys jacket and unbutton his shirt. Paul said it may look better if Barry wiped a oily hand over my shoulder and chest.

Before long Barry was naked above the waist and what i thought was a stocky build was in fact muscle,rubbing my hands over his torso was quite a turn on.

Sid then said Come on guys, your meant to be telling a story, Paul added that i'd been in a local drama group years ago so should be good at acting!

i do love him but he can be thick at times.

Barry kissed my ear and neck whilst asking was i ok. in response i said lets give them a show and reached for his belt.

He cupped my boob then slipped the bra strap from my shoulder, bending his head he pulled the bra's cup down a bit and gently took my nipple between his teeth, he bite and sucked on it until i was near screaming point.

I managed to undo his jeans and began to ease them over his bum, whilst he, reached behind me and undid my bra.

Fabulous boobs said Sid as he moved positions.

Sucking each boob in turn Barry then slid a hand down the front of my briefs, God i was wet as i felt his finger slide inside me.

It was a bit of a wrestling match but eventually i pulled his jeans and pants down. As i was knelt before him he took hold of my head and steered me towards is erect penis. Looking towards Paul for some indication on how far to go, he was solely focused on looking through his camera. with a split second to decide on what to do i opened my mouth and took him inside me.

After only a few minutes he said hang on a minute, im too excited, but as i eased my lips down his shaft he pulled from me, turned slightly and shot a stream of cum down his leg.

In amidst a stream of apologies he pulled his jean's up.

As we all sat in the office and viewed the photos, we all agreed they were only for private use, but were and fun to do.

Now we all know the score, we are doing another shoot this Sunday, but with no direction, should be fun.

will let you know how we got on if you want?