Written by JoannaCD

28 Jan 2012

For a long time I have enjoyed dressing in lingerie, and often wear stockings and panties under my normal clothes while working and adding a bra whenever possible.

This is a true story of a recent encounter which came about because I had a full day to myself as a seminar I was due to attend was cancelled.

After dropping my wife at work, I showered before dressing in a black bra, panties and hold-up stockings under my normal clothes and put a change of underwear, skirt, blouse and stilettos into a gym bag and drove to a place some 10 miles away.

At first there were only dog walkers about, but then a few more cars pulled in.

One guy got out and wandered past the parked cars, obviously checking people out.

He looked late 50’s (like me) and as he neared my car I got out and opened the boot, making certain my bag was open to show my undies.

“Nice day”, I said to get his attention, not that I needed to, as he replied “Nice bra, it’s showing through your shirt”.

I quickly got back in the car as there were other people around but asked him if he liked it. “I would like to play with what’s inside” he said. I signalled him to get in the car and we chatted for a few minutes and then he invited me to his house.

When we arrived, I took my bag and followed him in. As soon as the door was shut Brian put his arms around me and gave me a tentative kiss, to which I responded. He led me through to the lounge and asked if I would like a drink. A coffee would be great I replied, and while you are making it, can I go somewhere and get changed? He told me to go to the spare bedroom at the rear and he would wait for me downstairs.

Up I went and changed, adding my knee length black skirt and lacy blouse over my underwear.

I added a touch of lipstick and finally my stilettos to complete the change from Joe to Jo(anna).

I couldn’t resist a peak into the wardrobe and found some lovely dresses, most of which were in my size and wondered if I should change my outfit, but decided to wait and see how things went.

As I walked back into the lounge, he just stared. Absolutely gorgeous he said …(a lie because I am not convincing so don’t wear wigs etc) but I accepted the compliment and walked over and kissed him gently.

We sat down and Brian put his arm around my shoulder, drawing me into him and we kissed again only this time with passion. He was cupping my boob over my blouse and started to squeeze my nipple, which I love, as I rubbed the bulge in his trousers. Then his other hand stated stroking my leg, creeping higher and higher

until he reached the bare flesh above my stockings, all the time kissing me passionately.

I would love to see you in just your undies he said, shall we go upstairs?

I didn’t need any persuading, my cock was oozing precum from the kissing and stroking and I wanted to get his cock out of his trousers.

Upstairs he undressed while I sat on the bed and watched. I wasn’t disappointed. His cock was about 7” but quite thick and was standing to attention.

Your turn he said, so I stood up and dropped my skirt to the floor. Lovely he said, keep the shoes on.

I then slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor, just standing there in bra, panties, stockings and stilettos. His cock twitched as he looked me up and down as I turned and posed for him.

I walked over to the bed where he was sitting, kissed him then pushed him down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked him. I love the feeling of a cock going down my throat and so did he. I’m nearly coming he said after a few minutes, so I stopped sucking and laid down beside him. My turn he said as leant over and kissed me. He then eased my nipples out of my bra and teased each of them with his tongue, nibbling and squeezing them in turn. After a few minutes he eased himself down my body and licked along the edge of my panties, down between my legs above my stockings. The feeling was unbelievable and my cock was throbbing against my knickers. He eased my panties over my cock and I raised my bum so he could pull them down. Now the best bit he said, as he parted my legs and started to lick my man pussy.

His tongue probed and teased my pussy until I was on the verge of coming, the feeling was exquisite, he really knew how to treat a girl!

We returned to kissing and cuddling for a few minutes as we both wanted prolong the session, him playing with my nipples and me with his balls.

He reached over to the bedside cabinet and put some oil on his fingers and started stroking my pussy which was already wet, and opened me up with a finger and then another and finally a third. I was like a bitch on heat and pushed him down on the bed. I rolled a condom over his throbbing cock and then straddled him with his cock at my entrance. Slowly, I lowered myself on to him, it hurt slightly because it was so thick, but then the feeling of being filled with hot hard cock took over and we slowly settled into a rhythm, easing up until just the tip was in me, then slowly sliding down until the full length of his cock was buried inside my pussy.

After a few minutes we changed position with me on my back with my legs over hid shoulders and this time there was no holding back as he pounded his length into me as he pinched my nipples. We came together his cock throbbing inside me as my come spurted against his chest and we collapsed together.

We kissed and cuddled for a few more minutes before getting up, showering and getting dressed.

The whole session had lasted about 2 hours and we were both well satisfied.

We exchanged numbers and have met again since, this time with me wearing his wifes underwear and dresses.

Brian likes me to wear them so that he can imagine fucking me when she wears them afterwards. He also says he prefers my pussy to his wifes!