Written by Wifefucker

6 Jun 2012

I have been trying to get my stunning wife to fuck with another bloke for too many years to think of.

In the past I've arranged through a sex website for a bloke to come round as an insurance salesman in the evening. Just before he arrived I said I had to shoot out to get some milk and surprise, surprise the car broke down and I had to wait ages for the AA. The bloke was brilliant and got her to sit on the 2 seater settee with him while he "sold" to her. I had already rung to say I would be ages waiting for the AA, so she knew she would be on her own with him. I had a mini camera set up with sound, but as soon as he moved closer to her and slipped a hand on her leg, she shot up and stood by the fireplace. This bloke reckoned he had never had a failure in his life and was totally convinced she would never fuck with anybody.

I've tried all sorts of things like that, but nothings worked. I once arranged for an "electrician" to come round to check my electrics in my office when I was out. We set it up that I would ring him to come in just as she got out of the shower. And it worked. He turned up with her in just a dressing down and nothing on underneath. He actually got her to bend over my desk to look behind it while he "checked something". As she bent over her moved up behind her and pretended to look over her shoulder, all the time pushing his hard on into the crack of her arse. She didn't even realise he was trying to fuck her until he got so worked up he said to her "Fancy a fuck do you?" She pulled straight up and asked him to leave.

Well, last year we spent a week in Scotland. I had given up trying to get her to fuck. We stayed in a small hotel with a small lounge with a TV screen and a few seats, settees and tables. Our room was just outside of the lounge so if she did feel like she had drunk too much she didn't have far to go to get to bed. Shelley, my wife's name, is 44, 5 foot 6 inches tall and a figure to die for. She always wears skirts or dresses, never jeans or trousers. Very often she shows a lot of leg, but she doesn't seem to realise that men are looking up that skirt to her knickers which you can often see. I've never told her because I get a hard on when I see a man doing that and I have seen many men doing just that. It's because she just never thinks of having sex with any of them that she doesn't think about showing some leg.

The second night we were in the hotel it was raining and we decided to sit in the lounge and watch some TV. We sat on the biggest settee and ordered some drinks. Shelley always drinks vodka and lime. She never has more than one because she maintains that she gets drunk too easily and it makes her feel too sexy. She says she does not like losing control. We watched TV for a short while when 2 men came in. They both had kilts on and just sort of nodded to us and sat down on the other side of the room. We carried on watching TV while the 2 men had a drink and chatted quietly. I was sort of watching them out of the corner of my eye to see if either of them was looking at Shelley. They both were. I looked at her and she had her legs apart quite a bit and you could obviously see up to her knickers from where they were sitting. Shelley didn't notice them of course and also she had finished her drink. She was just interested in the TV program. It became obvious that these 2 blokes fancied Shelley like mad. That's not the first time that's happened I can tell you. After a while one of them said to me "It's very rude of me. My name is Andrew and my friend, well eveybody calls him Jock". I introudced myself and also Shelley and immediately Andrew came over and sat beside Shelley and Jock pulled up a chair and sat opposite us.

We chatted for a while and then Jock said "What would you two like to drink". Quick as a flash I said "I'll have a Shandy and Shelley likes vodka and lime please". And it worked. It's as though she had completely forgotton she had just had a drink and if she had a second she would be away and randy. At last, I thought, I may have her this time, that is if these two have enough balls to carry it off. Well, we all drank and I was watching Shelley like mad to see if she was getting tipsy. She was. Not a lot, but you could hear it in her voice. When we had all finished I said "Right, it's my turn now, what would you like". When I brought Shelley's third vodka and lime she said "Oh, I shouldn't" But Andrew said to her "Come on love, you only live once" and held the drink up for her to take. She did and soon she was giggling and putting her hands on Andrews bare legs and all sorts of things. He was obviously getting worked up but he didn't know how I would react if he did anything so I thought I would help him. "Come on" I said, "I think Shelley has had enough". Would you two help her up and I'll get the door to our room. It's only over there. It was dark outside now, but the street lights shone into the room so there was some light without the room lights switched on. I opened the door and beckoned them to bring Shelley in between them. Andrew had his hand very near to one of her tits I noticed. I got them to bring her into the room but I did not turn the lights on. I thought that if they don't get the hint now they never will. I closed the door and stood still by it and watched. "Where shall we put her" Andrew said. "Well, the way she is feeling I think the bed would be the best place don't you" I said. He seemed to get the hint and they both placed her on the bed and Andrew pretended to fall on top of her, dropping his hand onto her bare leg. Her skirt was up quite a lot and he immediately started to rub his hand up and down her legs going just a little bit higher each time until eventually he brushed his fingers across her bulging cunt. Her body riggled at it so he started to rub her cunt through her knickers. Slowly at first and then faster and faster until she started to moan and move about. As she was not stopping him, he pulled her kickers apart and inserted two fingers into her and started to jerk her off very fast. Soon she was moaning like mad and going up and down like a madman. Faster and faster he went until she let out a huge moan and had a massive orgasm. At this, Jock started to undress and Andrew leaned over and stated to kiss her. She flung her arms around him and so he jumped right on top of her. He pulled his kilt right up, slipped his pants down and then off, got his stiff cock and pulling her knickers right the way down and off, slipped it inside her cunt with one almightly lunge that made her groan out loud and her whole body pushed upwards as though she had a poker shoved up her. I didn't know it till later but his cock was huge. Not only was it very, very long, but it was incredibly thick too. Shelley had never had a cock like that before and as he started to pump her with this monster she went wild. He fucked her and fucked her like a maniac. She came at least three more times before he started to moan himself and it was obvious that he too was going to cum. He was now shoving that huge cock right deep inside her as far as he could get and going wild on her. Soon he was moaning like a savage as he shot his spunk so deep inside her I thought it would shoot out of her mouth. He just kept on shooting spunk into her cunt, shooting and shooting like he would never finish. Eventually, he did finish. He slumped down on top of her completely exhausted. "Christ" he said "I've never, never had a fuck like that in my entire life. I have never ever shot so much spunk into anybody ever".

Shelley just lay there staring up at the ceiling but with a slight smile on her face. Andrew got off and Jock took his place. He had a huge hard on, but first he started to kiss her. He was deep throating her like mad and she was loving it. She had her arms around him and was rubbing them up and down his bare body. Then she put both of her hands on his arse and pulled him hard on to her. He slipped down a bit, found her cunt with his cock and soon he was entering that soaking wet minge of hers a bit at a time until his whole cock was right inside her as far as it could go. Slowly he started to fuck her. She was going up and down with him and he was beginning to go faster and then faster again. Soon, she let out moans and moans as she came and came one after the other. Eventually he too started to ram hard into her very fast and he too started to moan out loud as he started to shoot more spunk into that wet cunt of hers. He shot a huge amount of wet sticky hot spunk into that body of hers. I was so worked up I said "Give her a baby you bastard. Make her pregnant with that spunk of your" It seemed to make him shoot more. Slowly he started to stop and also slumped down on her exhausted. "I don't know how much spunk she's got inside her, but it has to be a cup full" he said.

After it was all over they dressed and left. Shelley had a shower and came to bed and I made her swallow my spunk, which she normally does not like doing. "Randy then were you" I said to her. She did not reply. But! A few weeks later she came to me and said "I have to tell you something. I'm pregnant. I want an abbortion" And so she did and we have never tried anything like it since. And probably won't I suppose.