17 May 2019

This is the fifth episode in the series that I am writing on behalf of Peter.

Ann has just mounted David and they have both cum together. I’m not sure what to feel at the moment. I’m so excited that I feel I’m going to cum again without even touching myself ..... but I’m trying not to.

I was so happy to see Ann have such a huge orgasm, but jealous that it was David that she mounted rather than me. I’ve never managed to get her so excited that she would act like she just has with David. But would I try to stop it? No way! It was so wonderful to be allowed to watch, and I so want to see it happen again and again.

Ann’s sitting up on top of David now, but not getting off him. Instead she’s wriggling on his cock, which is obviously still hard as it’s not slipping out of Ann’s pussy at all. The angle she’s sitting on him probably means that his cock is still massaging her g-spot as she moves around. And David’s arms aren’t spread out any longer. His right hand is massaging her clit whilst his left reaches up to tweak her erect nipples.

I’m fascinated watching him playing with her, and I can see that she is getting more and more excited. Her orgasm is starting to rise again and she’s moaning like she does when she’s about to cum. Is there no end to her orgasms today?

She’s not moaning now as she grinds herself down on David’s cock. She’s screaming ....... with pleasure, as she cums again with one last long and loud noise that I can only describe as a pleasurable but tortured scream!

Ann’s exhausted now, and leans down towards David, kisses him and thanks him for her ultimate orgasm. Then she rolls off David and lies on the bed with her legs apart. I can see her pussy lips are so swollen and red, and her pussy glistens as she starts to leak a mixture of her juices and David’s sperm. What a wonderful sight, and I stare at it fascinated!

Then I’m shocked out of my trance by David saying that I had better clean up Ann’s pussy. Does he mean it? There have been so many firsts today! I’ve never seen my wife fucked, nor have I ever cleaned her up after I’ve fucked her. And I’ve never tasted another man’s cum either!

So am I going to do as I’m told? Of course I am! I never even thought of refusing, but moved straight down to Ann’s pussy and started to lap up all the juices leaking out of her. And I’m not content with just cleaning up what’s leaked out of her. I’m pushing my tongue inside her trying to get the last of David’s sperm out of her.

Do I like the taste? I don’t know! But I just know that I have to complete my task!

But David’s talking to me again. What’s he saying. He’s saying that I’d better fuck Ann first as neither she nor I will feel it if I wait till David’s fucked her!

Did he mean he’s going to fuck her again? Of course he did ..... after all he hasn’t fucked her yet. She’s fucked him .......... and he still wants his turn!

But my turn first as he said. Ann welcomes me mounting her, but I think David’s right. I slip in so easily and Ann’s pussy is so loose. And there’s still lots of lubricant inside her - probably more of David’s spunk!

I’m so excited and I thrust in and out of Ann as fast as I can. I’m not pretending that I’m trying to make Ann cum as well. I’m just trying to relieve the tension that’s been building up in my balls whilst I watched Ann and David performing.

I knew it wouldn’t take long, but as it’s so slipppery in Ann’s pussy I thought that I might last a couple of minutes. But it only seems like seconds before I’m starting to cum. I might have already had a small ejaculation, but it feels like I’m filling Ann now. It feels so different to when I’ve cum inside Ann before. Maybe it’s because she had already been used, or is it just that I was more excited than I’ve ever been before.

I’m just about to lie down on top of Ann for a rest when David taps me on the shoulder and tells me to move so that he can fuck Ann.

Get ready to watch for the cream pie forming he says, and quickly slips inside Ann’s pussy. Still full of my spunk!

David’s inside Ann now and he’s fucking her faster then I thought possible. I thought that Ann was too worn out to pay any attention to what was happening. But I was wrong!. She’s responding to David’s fucking once again, and she’s moving in time with David. Trying to make him cum inside her once again.

I can’t believe that he can move as quickly as he is. His bum is rising and falling, and Ann is keeping time with him. I know he’s only just cum but he surely won’t last long at this pace.

And I’m watching very closely. Seeing his cock slipping in and out of her pussy. And now I see what he meant as froth starts to form as he pushes his cock in and out of her pussy. Now there’s more and more, and it’s getting thicker ..... just like cream leaking out of her pussy. And it’s pushed in and out every time his cock penetrates her!

I just watch as the they fuck each other for the next few minutes. Yes it’s like they are fucking each other. And the cream pie is running out of Ann each time David pulls back ..... and not all of it goes back in when he thrusts back in.

But then David’s sitting up ...... but with his cock still inside Ann’s pussy. He’s moving her legs so they are above her head. And David starts to hammer in and out of her again ..... like the proverbial steam engine. Ann can’t move now as she’s held in place by David holding her legs whilst he’s really fucking her hard.

Ann’s really enjoying being used. Because that’s what it looks like! She’s panting again, loud enough to be heard over the slapping of David against Ann as his cock bottoms out inside her. He must be penetrating her so deeply!

And I can see so much better now! Every time he pulls out I can see her pussy leaking as his cock comes out of her. And the cream pie is just waiting to be tasted!

I’m not sure what to watch, or where to stand. So I just stand as close as I dare. Looking from Ann’s pussy to her face and back again. She’s loving every second of this and I think she’s cumming again. Her face is distorting a little and her chest goes red as she starts to moan and then scream again. And David’s nearly there. His strokes have speeded up even more and become shorter and shorter until I see his bum tense and he pushes his cock right inside Ann for one last time.

They are both spent now, and David rolls off Ann so they are lying side by side on the bed. You’d better have your seconds now says David. Clean up her cream pie. And of course I do. In fact I couldn’t wait. It tasted strange - a mixture of Ann’s juices, my spunk and David’s. But I’m eager to complete the task! Ann’s too weary now to respond to my licking, but I’m enjoying it!

Then David says, don’t forget to clean me too. Oh well...... why not! And I hope I do a good job of making sure that David’s cock is clean too!

The end of a perfect day. Well nearly ... as David says will you bring up that bottle of champagne so we can celebrate. And as you’ve been so obedient you may bring three glasses!