Written by tiger88

30 Aug 2011

Trevor and I haVe been corresponding for a while about a possible 3 some with his wife. Apparently they have been talking about trying it out, but everytime something has been arranged she chickens out at the last minute. It happened 3 time Trevor said and she ckickened out 3 times.

Trevor came up with a plan. He arranged with his wife to give her a treat one evening, and the promise invloved bondage, so they went shopping one weekend, they got some handcuffs, blind fold and massaging oil.

Trevor wanted me to help him out and I was obliged. Trevor said that we would arrange for one evening for me to come round and into their bedroom when his wife is tied up and blind folded.

Trevor said that he would give me 3 rings on my mobile when everything is clear and he had left the side door of the house for me slip in.

I received 3 rings on my phone, I walked into the house, I started to get undress at the bottom of the stairs Trevor lead me to the bed room where Linda was tied up and blind folded, with her legs wide open.

Trevor started licking Linda, then told me to take over. Linda was moaning of pleasure, her thighs were trembling of excitement.

After a while, Trevor guided my hands to her tits, then caressing her all over and her innerthighs. Trevor intructed me to bring my hard cock to her mouth. Linda was intructing Trevor to bring it closer to her mouth, not knwing that it was my cock (the stranger). After a while, Trevor wisper to Linda's ear that he wanted to fuck her now, Linda couldn't wait saying fuck me now Trevor. I climbed on top of Linda and slipped my hard on into her throbbing pussy, I was very worried that she may know that it isn't her husband's cock inside her. Linda kept saying you feel good tonight Trevor!

Trevor and I agreed that I should not come inside Linda, just to come in her mouth. After fucking Linda so hard for a while, I couldn't hold on any more and I pulled my hard cock out of her wet pussy and came in her mouth, Linda was loving in. Linda licked my cock dry and clean. Trevor wanted me to snog Linda after as that what they

usually do after coming in her mouth.

After a while, Linda still wanted more, she kept saying fuck me again trevor.

Trevor climbed on top of her and fucked her again while a sliped out of the room and got dressed downstairs in the hallway. and finally slipped out of the house. About 45 minutes later while I was still driving back home.

I got a thank you txt from Trevor, it reads "Thanks for a great evening. fancy doing it again sometime?"