Written by nononoyes

11 Nov 2007

The split from Maria was pretty hard to take, but as I already had a holiday booked,decided to change the name on her ticket and went with a mate Paul.

On the second nite in Alcudia we were in a local bar when two girls came in and when they heard our accents struck up a conversation about where we were from etc. Annie was 32 and single short bobbed hair good figure , great legs,fantastic tits and cock sucking lips. Karen (kaz) was 40 looked 18...no kidding and had the body to match. They were on holiday to celebrate kaz divorce coming through.

Well im 50 and Paul\'s 48 so we both thought that these girls were out of our league but we enjoyed the company going from bar to bar and by 3am were all very pissed, so we said our goodnights me getting a very good handful of annies tits while her tongue dissapeared down my throat and swapping to kiss kaz and she grabbed my manhood and asked who had got it in that state. So we parted and went our seperate ways.

Next morning we were out of the villa early and looking for breakfast ,when Paul sees kaz walking towards us, she was fine but she left annie to get over the night before. so we had something to eat, chatted some more then Paul said he was off to do some walking and would catch us later, with that and very much to my suprise kaz put her hand on my limp cock and said I wanted that last night, what a waste why dont we go back to your villa and see if we can do something about it, well my cock jerked into action and 10 minutes later back in the villa ,Kaz had her tongue down my throat and her hand on my cock while I removed her t-shirt and played with her great tits and nipples, she was moaning and pushed my hand into her shorts to feel a very smooth and very wet pussy, she had my cock out ,then told me that she had only ever had her ex\'s cock and was now breaking the habit.she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and teased my bell end and shaft and I pulled on her hair and pushed her head onto my cock....Fuck she was good.

She stopped sucking looked up and said give me that cock in my pussy..who was I to refuse and reached for a condom...fuck them she said I want that cock bareback, I want to feel it in me ,i want to feel you shoot your spunk in me, fuck me,fuck me and fuck me hard......for the next hour we fucked like teenagers , she loved it doggy and being on top, she came time after time screaming,shouting and moaning. she took my cum in her pussy twice, and then sucked me hard and wanked me off over her tits..something that really sent her over the top to an amazing orgasm.

We fell asleep and when I woke up she had gone and left a note about meetinng later............so later